Ford Eco-Boost Engines For India – Better Mileage, Less CO2 And Improved Performance


Technologies are evolving day by day with newer and more efficient ones surpassing the older ones and with so much of happenings taking place across the world most of the car manufacturers are aiming at providing fuel efficient technologies.

Global Majors like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, etc have some of the world’s best technologies with them but are unwilling to introduce them in the Indian Automobile Sector because of their high cost, but Ford (American Major) is all set to bring in Eco-Boost technology in India since the brand sees the need of it in the Indian market.

Ford EcoBoost Technology

Ford has figured the Indian Automobile sector as one where this type of technology can be extensively used and which carries great potential for evolvement and efficient usage of it, not initially but over a period of time.

Ford Eco-boost Technology is a family of 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder Turbocharged and Direct Injected gasoline engines capable of furnishing three most important and significant requirements of present time namely Fuel Efficiency, Engine Performance and Emissions.

With the new technology the above purposes will get solved in an effective way as:

  • It will make the engine fuel efficient with nearly 20 percent of fuel improvement.
  • It drastically reduces the amount of CO2 emissions by  15 percent
  • Improved Engine performance will be experienced

Importantly the technology is solely suitable for small displacement engines and as 50 percent of the Indian Auto Sector comprises of small cars, it would be ideal to introduce it in our country. Another fact is that the technology is quite affordable for most of the Indian customers and will benefit them in a way or the other.

Specifications Of Ford Eco-boost Engines

Ford EcoBoost engine

Also called: TwinForce (obsolete) EcoBoost SCTi,GTDi
Predecessor: Ford Duratec engine
Configuration: I-4 and 60° V6

Displacement: V6: 213 CID (3496 cc)
Cylinder bore: V6: 3.64 in (92.5 mm)
Piston stroke: V6: 3.49 in (88.7 mm)

Cylinder block alloy: Aluminum
Cylinder head alloy: Aluminum

Valve train: DOHC with Direct Acting Mechanical Buckets (DAMB)
Variable camshaft timing
Compression ratio: V6: 10.0:1
Turbocharger: V6: Dual Honeywell-Garrett GT15
Fuel type: Direct injection

Now with such an inspiring and amazing technology heading towards India, we cannot wait to see the wonders it does to the market and wish the brand luck.

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  1. We will wait for the Eco-Boost engine technology to make its entry in India. Better mileage, less CO2 and improved performance sounds very tempting.


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