Ford EcoSport Hits Assembly Line In China, Testing In USA Also Started


Ford has revealed the all new Ford EcoSport 2012 in Auto Expo 2012 in India in January 2012. Soon after that, Ford China showcased the EcoSport production models in China and Brazil. As per the present situation, the prices of Ford EcoSport are already revealed in Brazil and the car will roll on Brazil roads soon. The Chinese Ford EcoSport is also in production as there are some pictures of a large row of EcoSport shared on the web. This means that the car is already on Ford’s assembly lines in China and Brazil.

Ford EcoSport Spied In Detroit USA

image – Ford EcoSport Spied In Detroit USA

In another recent development of the EcoSport, the same has been spied testing on USA roads in Detroit, the automobile capital of US. The spied test car was camouflaged with black and white body graphics all over the car but it is still quite easy to identify the EcoSport behind this mild camouflage. Although Ford has denied the plans to launch the EcoSport in the USA earlier yet we think that Ford may launch it in the USA as well. The reason behind the same is that Ford is now taking an approach of global vehicles, which means one design to be used in various global markets.

Ford EcoSport Official Launch In India

Following its global cars approach, Ford benefits by saving cost on country specific development and also be creating globally recognized designed with high quality of design and standards followed to comply with various norms across the markets. In the USA, the EcoSport will rival the likes of Nissan Juke, Buick Encore, and upcoming Honda crossover which is expected to be developed on the Honda Fit platform.

Ford EcoSport Spied In China

image – Ford EcoSport Spied In Detroit USA

EcoSport is a compact crossover SUV which is based on the new 2011 Global Ford Fiesta platform and seats 5 passengers in comfort. It is powered by Ford’s latest 1 litre Eco-Boost petrol engine and some diesel options for selected markets like India. While the car will be launched in Brazil and China in second half of calendar year 2012, it is expected to go on sales in India in early 2013 as per the Ford India officials. Ford EcoSport is already testing in India and numerous spy pictures have been shared on the web by various websites in past 3 months.

Ford EcoSport Interiors

All the pictures, feature details and interiors of Ford EcoSport are already revealed in Beijing Auto Show in April 2012. We are eagerly waiting got get our hands on the new EcoSport in the coming months, we will keep a watch on the developments and will keep you updates, stay tuned for more details.

via – autohome & Autoweek