WATCH Ford EcoSport Go Off-Road & Race Kia Sonet, Maruti Brezza – VIDEO

Here is a video of EcoSport drag racing the Kia Sonet and Maruti Brezza, and even displaying its off-roading capabilities. Ford has been in news recently regarding the exit rumours from our market. The sales have not been improving since a long time and it only has EcoSport and Endeavour driving the sales. Although Ford EcoSport was among the first compact SUVs in India, giving birth to the segment itself, it has remained behind in comparison to its rivals today. Other carmakers have introduced new products with more features and better value for money. The EcoSport has simply struggled too much to keep up with the competition. The facelifted version of the EcoSport has been spotted testing multiple times and Ford is pinning all its hopes on that. Let us look at the off-roading capabilities of the EcoSport through this video.

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Off-Roading Capabilities

It is quite a well-known fact that the EcoSport is a rugged and tough SUV with high build quality. It sits 200 mm off the ground lending itself well for the off-roading conditions. This video showcases all its abilities in varied conditions quite clearly. The compact SUV is seen crossing a river on multiple occasions. The water level is well above the front bumper and almost caressing the front grille. But the SUV doesn’t seem to have any problems wading through the water.

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In another incident, the EcoSport makes its way across a giant pothole. It is so huge that the SUV’s tyre is in the air. But with high ground clearance and tough chassis, it is able to make its way down the slope with one tyre in the air too. Thereafter, the SUV is seen gliding through an area of thick mud/slush. Even after being a front-wheel drive, it manages to gain traction and keep marching ahead. The YouTuber has driven the Ford EcoSport on snow and ice with chains around the tyres as well. The SUV seemed to oblige and keep moving forward without much fuss.

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Ford EcoSport vs Kia Sonet – Drag Race

In a drag race, the Ecosport stays equal at the beginning of the race. However, with time and a more powerful engine, it glides past the Sonet without any problems. Similarly, the EcoSport struggles a bit in the beginning in the race with Maruti Vitara Brezza but after a while, races past the Brezza effortlessly. The Ford EcoSport won both races quite comfortably. Hence, the drag race with Kia Sonet and off-roading capabilities show how tough the Ford EcoSport really is.

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