Ford Figo Prices Increased By Ford India


In the past Ford has never been so much in the news until the brand announced of launching a small car for the tremendously growing Indian automobile market. We are talking about the Ford Figo, which to an extent has brought the lost glow back on Ford India’s face, seen only during the phase when Ford Fiesta was launched.


The car has  been launched with a lot of hopes and it certainly has the potential to make it come true. Disappointingly the latest word coming from the company is that the price of the Figo has been increased and the new prices have come under implementation since 1st of August, 2010.

According to the company the hike is solely due to rising input cost, for which the brand increases the prices by a maximum of 1.2 %. Mr Michael Boneham, President and Managing Director, Ford India stated,“Ford India has marginally increased the price of Figo starting August 1 due to market undulations on input costs. Keeping in mind the value for money commitment, the maximum price increase on a Figo variant will not exceed 1.2 per cent,”

The Figo has become more expensive by an amount falling near Rs 4,244.

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