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Future Audi RS Cars will go Hybrid and then eventually Fully Electric!

Plug-in hybrids are going to be the next focus in the coming years for Audi Sport for the RS cars before they completely shift focus towards full electric drivetrains.

Electric mobility is very well a reality already and several manufacturers have been embracing the technology and putting it to to good use. This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show saw quite a few mass production electric cars. Audi’s stand in particular had an entire range of electric concepts from a sports coupe to even a hard core off-roader. But what about Audi RS cars and are they going electric too?

Audi AI Race Concept – something the future RS electric cars could resemble

Very unsurprisingly, Audi Sport, Audi’s performance division – the RS cars and the R8 – has now confirmed its plans for the future which includes electrification on a huge scale. Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH, talked about the brand’s direction for the future in a media interaction at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. He says, “Electrification is the foundation of Audi Sport.”

Hoffman says that plug-in hybrids are going to be the next focus in the coming years for Audi Sport. Plug-in hybrids in fact will be the vehicles bridging internal combustion cars and fully electric cars for most sportscar manufacturers. These cars can drive in all-electric modes for sufficient distances and then also add to the performance of the cars when needed.

Audi e-Tron GT concept slated for a debut in 2020

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Although Audi has not revealed any specific timeline for its electrified RS models, plug-in versions of the A7 and A8 are expected to debut as early as 2020.  And then there’s also the 4-door E-Tron GT which will be heavily based on the Porsche Taycan. This all electric sedan is expected to make its debut by the end of 2020.

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Audi showcased its AI range of electric concept cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show and if you have seen Audi AI Race Concept, you will have a picture of what could be the future of the RS cars. The future of Audi RS cars will certainly be greener and faster when it goes hybrid but we are a little unsure about fully electric RS cars.