General Motors India To Introduce CNG & LPG Variants Of New Models


General Motors has finally understood the importance of alternative fuel resources and their potential in the Indian market and is planning to launch CNG and LPG variants of 6 new models. With launches scheduled in the coming months, these 6 models will come in 14 variants including both LPG and CNG ones.

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation(SAIC) will help the brand in introducing these LPG & CNG powered cars in India. GM India, Vice-president, sales and marketing, has stated to Hindustan Times , “The company is keen on introducing LPG and CNG powered engines on their vehicles, apart from petrol and diesel engines”


The above statement clearly shows the level of interest the company has in these alternative fuels and justifying it are the current LPG offerings of Chevrolet Beat and Chevrolet Spark. So now the company plans to go the smarter way and why we call it smart? The answer lies in the very fact that LPG and CNG powered cars have impressively low running costs.

Considering the prices of LPG and CNG as Rs. 29.30 per Kg  and Rs. 35.03 per litre respectively, the running cost per kilometer come out to be an astonishing 30% to 70% lower than the conventional petrol or diesel powered cars. Calculating it in rupees per litre. For a CNG car the cost per kilometer is just Rs. 1.40 /km while that for LPG one it is around Rs.2.50 and we guess these figures does incline your mind more towards these cars.

Studies also say that by the year 2015 out of every five cars running on Indian roads, one would be run on CNG or LPG which would be a great scenario for the market and the environment as well.