General Motors Regains No.1 Car Seller Position Globally

For a while General Motors was struggling hard to get the position it once used to enjoy every year, of the number one car seller globally. In the meantime Toyota and Volkswagen group were said to be recording enough sales to bring them closer to the top position. Recently Volkswagen was reported to be selling more cars annually than Toyota making it a tough competitor but the official count is out and GM is back to the top spot leaving Toyota and Volkswagen behind.

GM has regained the crown for world’s top selling automaker replacing the Toyota Motor Corp, which was crowned top selling automaker in 2011. Three years back the company was on the verge of bankruptcy but interestingly it made a comeback by selling as many as over 9 million vehicles globally, which was a 7.6 % rise over its sales in the year 2010.


More than being General Motors’ sales, the reason is said to be the damage caused by natural calamities to Toyota, in direct or indirect ways. Ever since earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis hit Japan,  Toyota has shown a steep sales decline of 6 % in 2011 bringing down the total global sales count to 7.9 million vehicles.

At present Toyota is upgrading its depleted production facilities to give them a new life and not taking any chances further, the company is planning to set up new facilities in other global markets like Brazil and China. I hope after implement these new plan the company will rise yet again and probably give GM a run for its money.

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