Here’s How You Can Ride A Motorcycle Almost Under Water; But Never Do It!

Check out this video where the rider of this motorcycle shows a jugaad for riding in heavy floods but is quite dangerous to do.

Riding or driving in a flooded region is very tough and dangerous. If you are in a car, your engine might malfunction or your electronics might get damaged, which will lock you inside your car. If you are on a bike, it might get stalled or worse, you can fall into an open manhole. A high ground clearance might work to some extent, but will not take complete care of your. For that, here is an innovative but a very dangerous trick.

So, these bikers have modified their bikes to run them almost underwater. As you can see, these boys have modified their motorcycles by mounting large pipes to intake and exhaust system of the motorcycles so that they do not submerge in water. They have also taken out fuel pipe connection and mounted it at a height using a bottle filled with petrol fuel. They have demonstrated how it is possible to ride a motorcycle even when it is fully submerged in water.

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One bike can also be seen coming through waist-level deep water without any trouble. However, despite this, this method faces a lot of loopholes. The first and biggest one is that the water can still seep into the engine. This can severely damage the engine, probably beyond repair. In short, if your engine is damaged by water problems, then you should consider that your vehicle is gone and better head out to a buy a new one.

Seeing the floods in Mumbai and in the state of Bihar and Jharkhand, many people are scared about their cars. You can see many visuals where a lot of cars are fully submerged underwater. There is no solution to this but the least that you can do is park it on a slope or a high-level area. In cities like Mumbai, that is difficult but that is the most that you can do to save your car or bike.