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The Indian two-wheeler industry has been fast heating up. And fueling this growth are the gearless scooters, which form a market segment that has itself seemed tremendous growth in the past few years. These ‘automatic scooter’s have gained a lot of popularity among varied demographics. From college students, young commuters to homemakers, the automatic scooters have really established a strong foothold in the country. Among all such models in India, one name that has been almost synonymous with gearless scooters is the Honda Activa. The Activa has seen various updates, all of which have ensured that it manages to fend off the heat from fresher rivals. However, one scooter that left a slight dent on the Activa’s sales is the Hero Maestro. The Hero Maestro has been seen as a good alternative to the Activa and has so far enjoyed a reasonable good run in the market. So, is the Hero Maestro good enough to out-perform the Activa in the long run? Find all the details in our Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa comparison here.

hero maestro vs honda activa

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Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa 3G- Price Comparison

Trust Honda to charge a considerable premium on all its models. While Hero MotoCorp too hasn’t been known to price its products ultra competitive, the Maestro Edge enjoys a slight price advantage over the Activa 110. The Honda Activa 3G, which too is powered by a 110cc motor, costs INR 49,900 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). In comparison, the Hero Maestro Edge has a sticker price of INR 48,050. Even the special edition of the Hero Maestro, at INR 48,350, is priced lower to the Activa 3G. We feel that the slight premium that the Activa commands isn’t justified as it doesn’t offer anything extra in terms of either features or engine specifications.

Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G Price Comparison

Hero Maestro Edge INR 48,050*; INR 48,350* (Special Edition)
Honda Activa 3G INR 49,900*

*All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi

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[box type=”success” ]Even though both the scooters have almost similar specifications, the Hero Maestro Edge is cheaper than the Honda Activa 3G[/box]

Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa 3G- Features Comparison

This is one area where both the machines farefeel almost similarly. While neither of the two scooters get any remarkable feature to speak of, it is the Maestro that has a slight edge over the Activa. The refreshed Maestro gets a semi-digital speedo console, a trip meter and service reminder. The all analogue speedo console of the Activa misses out on essentials like a trip meter. Hero Maestro also offers the brake-lock feature that was present on the earlier Activa but isn’t available on the 3G. This feature comes in handy when parking the vehicle on a slope. On the other hand, the Activa does enjoy a slight better quality of switchgear.

hero maestro vs honda activa -maestro edge speedo console
Maesto gets a more feature-rich speedo console

Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa 3G – Specification & Mileage Comparison

  Honda Activa 3G Hero Maestro Edge
Engine Displacement 109.2 cc 110.9 cc
Power 8PS@7,500rpm 8.4PS@8,000rpm
Torque 8.8Nm@5,500rpm 8.3Nm@6,500rpm
Mileage 62 kmpl 65 kmpl

Both the scooters have similarly sized engines. However, while the Maestro enjoys a slightly her power, it is the Activa which gets more torque available at a lower engine speed. This means that in regular riding conditions, the Activa feels slightly punchier than the Maestro Edge. However, the Maestro enjoys a slightly better fuel consumption. Our pick here will be the Maestro!

[box type=”success” ]There isn’t any real difference between the two and most buyers will find both scooter satisfactory in terms of power and mileage.[/box]

Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa 3G- Design Comparison

To put it simply, the Maestro Edge looks more stylish than the Activa 3G. Its design comprises of neat edges and bold creases, all of which come together to give a youthful image to the design. The Maestro Edge, thanks mostly to bits like a stylish taillamp, also has more road presence. While Hero’s Pleasure was a ‘female-oriented’ machine, the Maestro Edge looks more ‘boy-ish’. The Activa, on the other hand, has a higher unisex appeal. It looks more conservative than the Maestro Edge, which might be a good thing for the middle-aged audience.

Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa 3G Comparison – Verdict

The Hero Maestro is priced almost INR 2,000 lower than the Honda Activa 3G, Yet the Honda Activa is has less features than the Maestro Edge. Also, the Maestro has slightly higher fuel economy. Both the scooters are well built but Hero MotoCorp definitely enjoys a wider service network than Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India. Finally, the Maestro Edge is clearly more stylish of the two. All this means that in our view, the Maestro Edge is the winner of our Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa 3G Comparison.

[box type=”success” ]The Hero Maestro is cheaper and more feature-rich than the Honda Activa 3G and therefore, is the scooter to buy.[/box]

So, what do you have to say about our Hero Maestro vs Honda Activa comparison here? Stay tuned for more posts like the comparison of the Hero Maestro Edge and the Honda Activa 3G that we have here.