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The Indian two-wheeler industry has been growing at a fast pace. Gearless scooters, in particular, have been gaining popularity among a very wide demographic ranging from college folks, office goers among others. The Honda Activa has ruled the segment for a quite some time now and even though it still is the highest selling scooter, new competition has been constantly gaining popularity. The TVS Jupiter, in particular, has enjoyed a very good run off late and offers a worthy alternative to the Honda Activa. Is the TVS Jupiter good enough to beat the Honda Activa? Find out in our Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter comparison.

honda activa vs tvs jupiter

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Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter Comparison of Price

Honda Activa 3G TVS Jupiter
Rs. 50,730 Standard Rs. 49,034
ZX Rs. 51,057
MillionR Rs. 53,034

*All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi

Honda has never been seen pricing its product ultra-competitively. And the Activa is no different. Another reason why Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India can charge a slight premium is due to the high demand for the Activa. The Honda Activa has a sticker price of INR 50,730 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). In comparison, the TVS Jupiter costs slightly lesser and has an ex-showroom price of INR 49,034. The fully loaded Jupiter, however, commands a premium over even the Activa. It has been priced at INR 51,057. However, this slight premium for the Jupiter ZX is justified by a longer list of features. You can read more about the features in the next section of our Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter comparison here.

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Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter Comparison of Features

There are certain thoughtful features seen all around the TVS Jupiter that add to the convenience factor of the two-wheeler. These include a mobile phone charger, external fuel filler cap, retractable hooks, low fuel indicator, etc. which are missing from the Honda Activa. The under seat storage space in the TVS Jupiter is also more than the Activa’s.

Feature rich TVS Jupiter makes for a better buy

Thanks to the new norms, 2017 models of both the Activa and the Jupiter get Auto Headlamp On and

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Honda Activa 3G vs TVS Jupiter – Specification & Mileage

  Honda Activa 3G TVS Jupiter
Engine Displacement 109 cc 109 cc
Power 7.8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque 8 Nm @ 5,500 rpm 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Mileage 62 kmpl 60 kmpl

Both the scooters get a 109 cc engine with very similar power and torque outputs. The TVS Jupiter boasts of a class leading mileage of 62 kmpl versus the Honda Activa 3G’s 60 kmpl.

Honda Activa 3G vs TVS Jupiter – Dimensions

In terms of dimensions, the TVS Jupiter is longer than the Activa and also has a longer wheelbase. Seat height of both scooters is identical. Jupiter is lighter than the Activa by a kg.

  Honda Activa TVS Jupiter
Length 1761 mm 1834 mm
Width 710 mm 650 mm
Height 1149 mm 1115 mm
Wheelbase 1238 mm 1275 mm
Seat Height 765 mm 765 mm
Weight 108 kg 107 kg

Honda Activa 3G vs TVS Jupiter – Design

As far as scooters in India are concerned, the Honda Activa 3G and the TVS Jupiter are probably two of the smartest looking scooters out there. The Activa has become a familiar face now and even though the updated Activa 3G got a few changes, they were barely noticeable. The basic difference between the front end of the two scooters is the headlamp cluster. The Activa 3G gets indicators flanking the headlamp unit while the Jupiter’s indicators are placed below with the headlamp unit mounted at the top. The Jupiter’s tail lamps are more squarish compared to those of the Activa’s, a theme which can be easily spotted in the overall design of the two scooters. In profile, both scooters look very similar to each other. We feel the Jupiter looks slightly more youthful and aggressive thanks to black alloy wheels and matte finish paint schemes.

Honda Activa 3G vs TVS Jupiter Comparison – Verdict

The TVS Jupiter is priced at INR Rs. 49,034 (ex-showroom, New Delhi) and the Honda Activa 3G is priced at INR Rs. 50,048 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The Honda Activa costs about INR 2,000 more (on-road pricing) than the TVS Jupiter and yet it is a little short on features. It also isn’t as peppy or confident in aggressive cornering. All this, in our view, makes the TVS Jupiter the better choice amongst the two.

  • Design – The black alloy wheels and matte finish paint schemes lend the TVS Jupiter a more sporty look than the Honda Activa 3G.
  • Specifications – There isn’t any real difference between the two. Most buyers will find both scooters satisfactory in terms of power and mileage.
  • Price – There is very little that sets the two apart in terms of pricing.

[box type=”success” ]The TVS Jupiter is cheaper and more feature-rich than the Honda Activa 3G and therefore, is the scooter to buy.[/box]

honda activa 3g vs tvs jupiter - TVS Jupiter wallpaper
TVS Jupiter is cheaper and much more feature-rich

The feature-laden TVS Jupiter is definitely a better buy than the Activa.

honda activa 3g vs tvs jupiter comparison of price, specifications, features, design

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