Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge [Compared!]

By now it’s well known that Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Ltd has taken a first mover advantage by launching the BS-IV compliant Activa 4G in the fast growing automatic scooter market. The Activa 4G is based on the Activa 3G and comes with a handful of new features along with a BS-IV engine. The new 2017 Honda Activa 4G, in all chances, will carry forward the legacy of this highly popular model that sells many times more than all of its rivals put together! However, that doesn’t mean the Activa 4G is miles ahead of the competition. There are some really well-rounded products in this segment. While we’ve talked of the TVS Jupiter and the Hero Duet in other such comparison reports, today we have decided to compare the Activa with the Maestro Edge. Read on for more Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge comparison-

honda activa vs hero maestro edge comparison

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Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Comparison of Price

Honda Activa 4GHero Edge
Rs. 50,730DrumRs. 55,796
DiscRs. 57,336

Honda is known to price its products at a remium over its rivals. However, this isn’t the case when you compare the Activa with the Maestro Edge. Hero has tried marketing the Maestro Edge as a premium 110cc scooter. Hence, it commands a significant premium over the Activa 4G. Hero is yet to launch the BS-IV compliant Maestro. Let’s see if the 2017 model Hero Maestro Edge will have a more competitive price tag.

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Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Comparison of Features

The Activa 4G comes with a BS-IV compliant engine and Always Headlamp On. However, even the Maestro Edge will soon get these features for the 2017 model. The Activa now even offers a mobile charging socket and retractable hook. It also comes with Combi Brake System. Hero Maestro Edge offers a similar system called Integrated Braking. It also offers a mobile charging socket and an immobilizer. Apart from this, both the scooters get decent underseat storage and women side step. However, the Maestro Edge also gets a

  • Semi-digital instrument console
  • Telescopic front suspension
  • External fuel filler cap

Hero Maestro Edge Video Review

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Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Specifications Comparison

 Honda Activa 4GHero Maestro Edge
Engine Displacement109 cc110.9 cc
Power8 BHP @ 7,500 rpm8 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
Torque9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm8.3 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

Both the scooters have a near-110cc engine. While both the Activa 4G and the Duet have the same power output, the Duet’s peak power comes in at 500 RPM higher. Also, the Activa has a torque advantage as not only does it benefit from a higher peak torque, but it’s developed at a lower engine speed.

Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Mileage Comparison

 Honda Activa 4GHero Maestro Edge
Mileage60 KMPL54 KMPL

The Activa 4G not only offers better performance, but is also more frugal. While you can extract an average fuel mileage of upto 60 KMPL on the Activa, the Maestro Edge will return a mileage of roughly 54 KMPL in same conditions.


Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Dimensions Comparison

 Honda Activa 4GHero Maestro Edge 
Length1,761 mm1,841 mm
Width710 mm695 mm
Height1,149 mm1,139 mm
Wheelbase1,238 mm1,240 mm
Seat Height765 mm775 mm
Weight108 KGs110 KGs

Dimensionally, the Maestro Edge is a little larger than the Activa 4G. However, both the scooters have almost the same wheelbase. Also, thanks to a lower seat height, the Activa offers a more convenient riding position.

Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Design Comparison

Both the new Honda Activa 4G and the Hero Maestro Edge are fairly handsome models. As far as the design of the Maestro Edge are concerned, the scooter is looks a lot fresher than the Hero Maestro that was launched earlier. It looks more upmarket than before. While the Activa gets a top mounted headlamp unit flanked by the turn indicators, the Maestro Edge gets indicators on its front apron. While the Activa impresses with its understated elegance, the Maestro Edge looks sportier and should appeal more to the youth.

Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge Comparison – Verdict

  • Design – Both the scooters look fairly handsome. However, while Activa’s design has an understated elegance, the Maestro Edge looks slightly more flamboyant.
  • Features – The Maestro Edge gets some more features.
  • Specifications – The Activa has a clear advantage here. It gets more power and torque.
  • Mileage – The Activa is slightly more fuel efficient than the Maestro Edge, which is a major advantage the Honda automatic scooter enjoys.
  • Price – The Activa is considerably cheaper than the Maestro Edge. True, the latter offers few more features, but the Activa is the definite winner when it comes Value for Money. Also, Activa offers more power, higher mileage and the legendary Honda quality standards.

Comparison Verdict-As seen above, the Activa 4G has clear advantage over the Hero Maestro Edge. It remains to be seen if the 2017 Maestro Edge would have enough updates to outperform the Activa.

What’s your view opinion on the Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro Edge comparison? Do let us know by commenting below.