Maruti Grand Vitara 7-Seater – Possible Tata Safari Rival?

Maruti is readying the launch of its Creta-rivalling Grand Vitara which is based on the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder.

A digital automobile designer has created an innovative 7-seater concept for the Maruti Grand Vitara. The mid-size SUV will challenge the likes of Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos in our market. However, to make things more exciting, at least in the digital realm, SRK Designs have come with an extended wheelbase version of the mid-size SUV in order to accommodate the third row of seating. Let us check out the intricate details of this illustration.

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Maruti Grand Vitara 7-Seater Concept

The video takes us through the process of developing this digital model. The digital artist has stretched the side profile of the SUV. As seen in the image, there is an addition of an entirely new compartment at the rear. The side windows have an extended chrome belt running underneath, the D-pillar features a distinct graphic, and the shark fin antenna and roof-mounted rear spoiler are also fitted nicely to this digital rendering.

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In addition to that, the main highlight is the long overhang at the rear end. This gives it a look of a bigger SUV from the outside and aids in liberating space inside the cabin for the third row. From the sides, it looks like the SUV has been stretched in both directions. Another aspect that makes the Maruti Grand Vitara 7-Seater look bigger is these prominent square wheel arches with plastic cladding. All in all, the stretched version seems totally plausible and not out of place.

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maruti grand vitara 7-seater concept
Maruti Grand Vitara 7-seater Concept


The powertrain options are identical to the Toyota Hyryder. This translated to 2 hybrid petrol engines. The mild-hybrid will be a Maruti-sourced 4-cylinder 1.5-litre K-Series engine that will output 102 hp and 137 Nm of peak torque and come with an AWD drivetrain, while the strong hybrid will have a 3-cylinder 1.5-litre engine from Toyota with an electric motor and a Li-Ion battery pack that will develop a combined power of 116 hp. It will be the only product offering an AWD configuration in the segment. The strong hybrid engine has a mileage of a whopping 27.97 km/l while the mild hybrid is good for up to 21 km/l.

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