Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G [COMPARED!]

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India recently came up with the new 2017 Honda Activa 4G . In its newest avatar, the very popular Activa automatic scooter gets a BS-IV compliant engine, Auto Headlamp On and a set of additional features. Other than this, the Activa 4G also gets a minor visual update. However, one might wonder if these changes would make the Activa 4G significantly better than the Activa 3G. Here’s our comparison between the two models to highlight the differences between them. So read on for our Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G comparison here-

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G

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Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G Comparison of Price

Honda Activa 4GHonda Activa 3G
Rs. 50,730*Rs 50,003*

*All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi

The Activa 4G in on sale with a sticker price of Rs 50,730. In comparison, the Activa 3G had a marginally lower price. However, let’s not forget that for a slight price increment, the Activa 4G comes with a cleaner engine and some more features.

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Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G Comparison of Features

We’ve always felt the Activa 3G was certainly not among the most feature-laden products in its segment. However, the Activa 4G changes this by bringing in a set of useful features. Additional features include-

  • Always On Headlamp
  • BS-IV Compliant Engine
  • Mobile charging socket
  • Retractable front hook
  • New front cover design

Apart from these, the Activa 4G also gets all the features that the Activa 3G came with. These include-

  • Electric Start
  • Clear Lens Headlamp
  • Combi Brake System
  • Underseat Storage Space

2017 honda activa 4g

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G – Specifications

 Honda Activa 4GHonda Activa 3G
Engine Displacement109 cc109 cc
Power8 BHP @ 7,500 rpm8 BHP @ 7,500 rpm
Torque9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm8.83 Nm @ 5500 rpm

There’s not a big change in the specifications of the two models. However, the Activa 4G gets a BS-IV compliant engine, which means the 2017 model Activa has lower emissions. Also, the engine has marginally more torque, too.

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G – Mileage Comparison

 Honda Activa 4GHonda Activa 3G
Mileage60 KMPL60 KMPL

Both the models have almost the same mileage. The Activa can easily return an average mileage of 60 KMPL.

What Is New In 2017 Honda Activa 4G VS Activa 3G [Video]

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G – Colours

The new Honda Activa 4G gets two new colours- Matt Selene Silver Metallic and Matte Axis Grey Metallic. Apart from these, the Activa 4G gets all the 5 colour options that the Activa 3G offered. Here is the complete list of paint options for the Activa 4G-

  • Matt Selene Silver Metallic (new)
  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic (new)
  • Pearl Amazing White
  • Trance Blue Metallic
  • Lusty Red Metallic
  • Geny Gray Metallic
  • Black

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G – Design

There’s almost no difference in the design of the Activa 4G and the Activa 3G. The only difference, other than the new badges, of course, arises out of the revised front apron of the Activa 4G. Thanks to this update, the Activa 4G definitely looks fresher than the Activa 3G. However, this is more because we’ve got too accustomed to seeing the Activa 3G on the roads. Hence, this little change on the 4G does make the scooter look a tad new. Apart from this, there’s no other change to differentiate between the two models. We’ve always felt that the Activa’s design has a wide appeal and manages to impress a wide age group. However, it’s time the Activa gets a major design overhaul to look really modern.

2017 honda activa 4g side view

Honda Activa vs Activa 3G – Dimensions

 Honda Activa 4GHonda Activa 3G
Length1,761 mm1,761 mm
Width710 mm710 mm
Height1,149 mm1,149 mm
Wheelbase1,238 mm1,238 mm
Seat Height765 mm765 mm
Weight108 KGs108 KGs

There’s absolutely no difference in the dimensions of the Activa 4G and the Activa 3G.

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G Comparison – Verdict

  • Design – There’s no major difference in the way these two scooters look. However, a new apron on the Activa does make it look a tad fresher.
  • Specifications – Again, there’s not a significant difference here. Both are evenly matched in most aspects. However, the 4G benefits from a BS-IV engine and marginally more torque.
  • Mileage – There’s absolutely no difference in this aspect.
  • Price – While the Activa 4G is slightly pricier, it offers a lot more. Hence, the Activa has just got better Value for Money.

Honda Activa 4G vs Activa 3G

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