Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 [COMPARED!]

So the new 2017 Honda Activa 4G has just been launched. Highlights of the updated scooter include a new BSIV-compliant engine and auto headlamp on. It also gets a slightly different front apron, which helps freshen things up a bit. The Activa has been the undisputed leader on Scooters sales charts since quite a while now. However, the TVS Jupiter is one model that has left a small dent on the Activa’s sales performance. And thanks to the upcoming stricter norms, even the TVS Jupiter is about to get some updates. Our Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 comparison here gives you an idea of how these two scooters compare-

honda activa 4g vs tvs juptier 2017

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Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 Comparison of Price

Honda ActivaTVS Jupiter
Rs. 50,730StandardRs. 49,034
ZXRs. 51,057
MillionRRs. 53,034

*All prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi

The new 2017 Honda Activa 4G has gone on sale for Rs 50, 730. The 2017 TVS Jupiter is yet to go on sale. However, it’s highly likely that it will be launched with negligible price increment. All this means that the Jupiter will continue to maintain a slight edge over the Activa in terms of pricing. Honda has never been known to price its products ultra competitively, and the Activa 4G is no different.

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Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 Comparison of Features

Thanks to the new norms by the Government, both the Activa 4G and the TVS Jupiter 2017 get a BS-IV compliant engine and Auto Headlamp On. Moreover, the TVS Jupiter 2017 gets new Sync Braking System. Basically, this new technology works much like the Combi Brake System on the Activa. Even the new Activa gets some features which were earlier present only on the Jupiter. These include a mobile phone charger and a retractable hook. That said, the Jupiter is still more feature laden as it also gets an external fuel filler cap and a low fuel indicator. Also, the 2017 TVS Jupiter gets a larger under-seat storage space than the Activa 4G.

honda activa 4g vs tvs jupiter 2017 - tvs-jupiter-new-colour-scooter-pic-image-photo-27092014-m2_560x420
The TVS Jupiter gets more features

How Stuff Works- Honda Combi Brake System (CBS) Explained

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 – Specifications

 Honda Activa 4GTVS Jupiter 2017
Engine Displacement109 cc109 cc
Power8 BHP @ 7,500 rpm8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm

Both the scooters are evenly matched here. Both get a 109cc motor that outputs a max. powerof 8 BHP and a peak torque of 9 Nm. However, the Jupiter feels peppier and is definitely more fun to ride. In comparison, however, the Activa has got a better ride.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 – Mileage Comparison

 Honda Activa 4GTVS Jupiter 2017
Mileage60 KMPL62 KMPL

The TVS Jupiter 2017 model is more fuel efficient of the two. With a fuel mileage average of 62 KMPL, it outclasses the Activa by a small margin. The Activa has a claimed fuel mileage of 60 KMPL. Another round to the Jupiter then.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter – Dimensions

 Honda Activa 4GTVS Jupiter 2017
Length1,761 mm1,834 mm
Width710 mm650 mm
Height1,149 mm1,115 mm
Wheelbase1,238 mm1,275 mm
Seat Height765 mm765 mm
Weight108 KGs107 KGs

The Jupiter is longer than the Activa. It also enjoys a longer wheelbase. Seat height of both the scooter is identical. However, Jupiter is marginally lighter between the two. Largely, both the scooters are evenly matched in this aspect.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 – Design

Both the Activa and the Jupiter are handsome scooters. While the Activa has by now become a familiar face on the roads, the Jupiter, thanks to its lower population, is still a fairly fresh sight. The updated Activa 4G gets a slightly updated apron, which will definitely bring some freshness to the design. The biggest difference in the design of these two scooters lies at the respective front-ends. While the Activa gets indicators placed at either sides of the headlamp, the Jupiter gets its indicators on the front apron. Also, the Jupiter’s taillamp appears more squarish when compared to the Activa’s rather sleek-looking unit. Among these two, the Activa 4G has an understated elegance in comparison to the 2017 Jupiter’s youthfulness.

Honda Activa 4G vs TVS Jupiter 2017 Comparison – Verdict

  • Design – The TVS Jupiter looks sportier than the Activa. The Activa, however, appeals to a wider age group.
  • Specifications – There’s not a significant difference here. Both are evenly matched in terms of power and torque. Honda offers a smoother performance, while the Jupiter is slightly sportier.
  • Mileage – The Jupiter is a wee bit more frugal than the Activa, at least on paper. But in real world, the difference would be hardly significant.
  • Price – The Jupiter holds a slight price advantage over the Activa 4G. But for a slightly higher price, Activa offers an all-metal body and the legendary Honda quality standards.

honda activa 4g vs tvs jupiter 2017 comparison of price, specifications, features, design

Comparison Verdict – The TVS Jupiter 2017 holds a price advantage over the Activa. However, the Activa offers advantages like an all metal body and higher reliability. On features front, thanks to the introduction of the 4G model, both the scooters are almost evenly matched. The Jupiter looks sportier, but the Activa offers Honda’s unbeatable reliability and even a higher resale. Between the two, there’s not much to differentiate. The Activa 4G should be your pick if you want a well built, trouble-free scooter that will appeal to both your teenage kids and your grandparents. The Jupiter, on the other hand, is for a slightly sportier riding experience.

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