Hindustan Motors Ambassador Phased Out?


Hidustan Motors took birth a little before our country itself and the Ambassador was the perfect symbol for a country self-sufficient, a country ready to go out in the world on its own. A day before our country swears in the next Prime-minister to march on towards what looks to be a promising future, sadly from this day hence India will be without its trusted aide, the Ambassador. Hindustan Motors Ambassador phased out from production w.e.f 25th May 2014. It makes sense for the Indian makers as sales have dipped drastically over the last couple of decades and with sales of Ambassador taxi’s banned after BS IV emission standards were rolled out in 11 Indian cities in April 2011. The last outlet for the Iconic automobile was also shut down.

wal-1271848182Hindustan Motors Ambassador Classic 1800 Isz AC Cng

Hindustan Motors, India’s oldest car maker, shut down its factory on Saturday at Uttarpara in West Bengal state, where it has been making the Ambassador – based on Britain’s long-defunct Morris Oxford since 1957. Sales since then have dropped from 24,000 cars a year in the 1980s to less than 6,000 in the 2000s, according to the Times of India on Sunday, which predicted the end of the road for the “grand old lady” or “Amby”.  The HM official said Ambassador present production rate is as low as churning out just five cars a day. The company informed the Bombay Stock Exchange in a letter on Saturday, citing “very low productivity, growing indiscipline, critical shortage of funds, lack of demand for its core product … and large accumulation of liabilities”.

HM ambassador

While losing its battle against the new adversaries, the Indian company did try its bit by introducing a new model in the Contessa, but the long bonneted limo style car was an antithesis of the compact and frugal machines offered by the Japanese. It didn’t quite work out. Mild spinoffs of the Ambassador platform followed, complying with stricter emission norms, spunkier engine and a few more features, but nothing quite worked.More recently, we heard some buzz about the company planning a sub four meter version of its car priced at a lower point. A few test specimens of the car were also found doing the rounds on the Indian roads, but the announcement of suspension of work proves that nothing material came out of it. Hardly any profits and a high workforce ensured that this wasn’t a business worth pursuing anymore.HM is now focusing on its alliance with Mitsubishi and Isuzu and producing cars for the Japanese car makers at its Chennai plant. While Mitsubishi by itself isn’t doing too well either, Isuzu volumes may pick up over a period of time.

HM Ambierod

The Ambassador was an Old-School vehicle which saw very little changes in its lifetime which ultimately led to its demise, As per Dilip Chhabria, who had once shown the world what the Ambassador of the future could look like via his Amberoid concept car, says “Had HM continued to evolve the Amby over the past 60 years without changing the DNA, it would have been the Rolls Royce of India. It can still turn the clock around and become a best-seller in a new avatar that exudes contemporariness and quality,” reveals Times of India. But now at the end on the road, let us celebrate the amazing journey that the Ambassador had for our roads certainly wont be the same without our Homegrown King of the road.

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  1. Mr DC says that AMBASSADOR would have been the ROLLS ROYCE of INDIA. NO, NO, NO it is not; it should deserves much better than that. This is a humble request to the HINDUSTAN MOTORS don’t throw it away, please bring the AMBASSADOR and the CONTESSA back. Redesign the two models through evolution it’s should not just as luxury and comfortableness, It should be like AUDI does. Redesign those two cars AMBASSADOR as super sport (FEMALE) and CONTESSA as muscle car (male) version of it. Don’t just design it for design it for the world. But it should be recognizable as AMBASSADOR & CONTESSA.

  2. Desr HM team,
    It was a shock as I was planning to gift a new amby myself (30 years). The younger generation may run after foreign made cars, but deep inside they still respect the good old amby for her sturdyness and comfort. Undoubtedly it was the best car for Indian roads and would eagerly wait for her rebirth.

  3. Hello HM team

    I am now 30 yrs old. I am planning to buy a ambassador for me but unfortunately suspension work at ur HM plant really hurt me. I am waiting for its rebirth. Going for a long journey in amby is an experience which no one can get in any foreign cars. I am waiting for rebirth of ambassador. Plz do fast.

  4. i am waiting for a car from hindusthan motor which will be mordan with classic traditional look….plz modify the Morris Oxford in classical mordan way. i will be thankfull to u.

  5. I would like to buy a new model 2016 Ambssador Car, please let me know the price and availability in Cochin Ernakulam.

  6. Singaram Rajamani Madurai,
    I have purchsed ambassador 2000cc Isuzu in the year 2003 october with all facilities:bucket seat,air conditioner ,floor gear.Until today the condition of the car is good together with the engine .Till I am using the same car.No major repairs until today.Still I am waiting to buy the new version of ambassador. Let me know when will the new car will be released in India.

  7. I have heard rumors regarding the relaunch of the Ambassador and just want to check if its true. Is the HM revamping this model in the segment and thinking of relaunching the saloon?

  8. I have learned the art of driving in a mark iv amby and after that I have owned a Nova. At present I am a proud owner of a 2010 model amby Grand. Many people advised me to dispose the same after the lock out of the company, but I refused as I hope for the best., waiting for a good news from Uttapara.

  9. Dear HM director board..

    Please open your eyes. And strongly believe that you are an Indian. Relaunch Ambassador, and contessa.
    Be concious in its built quality and active in its spare parts supply. Now quality less spars parts are providing by local companies and earing huge profit, due to no orginals. CONDITION OF KINGS OF ROAD!!.

  10. Even though I am having 2006 model its my dream car its very excellent and good to indian roads, I am waiting for new edition to purchase new edition top model waiting for rebirth of ambi

  11. Hello.. M 22 yrs old n luv bmw audi jaguar n muscle cars bt wen i saw diz new amby.. I think m really fallng in luv wid it n i shud must buy our indian old bt gold new era car.. It’s ultimate n beauty too,, thankful for thinking of our generation..

  12. Hello.. M 22 yrs old n luv bmw audi jaguar n muscle cars bt wen i saw diz new amby.. I think m really fallng in luv wid it n i shud must buy our indian old bt gold.. new edition car.. It’s ultimate n beauty too,, thankful for thinking of our generation..


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