Hindustan Motors’ New CRDI Diesel Engine For Future Products Under Development


Hindustan Motors has always been known for the iconic Hindustan Motors Ambassador which was status symbol in those times but now with the passage of a few decades the charm is getting dull, not because of the design but of the older engine which neither is efficient nor complies with Bharat Stage 4 norms.

Initially they adopted a 1498 CC, four cylinder, indirect injection diesel engine which was recently replaced by a 2000 CC four cylinder IDI diesel unit but unfortunately, considering the present rules & regulations, both do not pass the test.

Resorting to a better stance, the manufacturer is developing a new CRDI Diesel engine which will power the company’s future products, due to be launched in short while from now.


This is all concerned with the rapid boom in the diesel segment that is expected to hold as much as 50 % of the total car market share in the coming 4-5 years. The company is also in association with Mitsubishi and sells its products also but the ones to be affected are from the stable Hindustan Motors’ stable only.

Mitsubishi products like the Mitsubishi Montero, Mitsubishi Pajero etc., have done a considerable job in terms of sales but HM’s commercial vehicle line-up has been badly hit which it focuses on reviving through a chain of new launches in the coming months. The engine is developed in collaboration with an unnamed European specialist and the following products are expected to equip the engine:

  • A 0.8 Ton Mini Pick up
  • A commercial 7-9 passenger MPV based on Ambassador platform
  • A passenger light commercial vehicle based on the Winner LCV and
  • A cargo carrier based on the Hindustan Winner LC

I wish the new strategy and engine to help the brand grab its share back in the market and also the Ambassador to replenish its lost charm.

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