Hollister Custom Motorcycle Brand To Launch Bikes In India Priced Rs.45 Lakh


Hollister’s Motorcycles is one of the custom motorcycle brands in the world offering class leading and one of the most sought after custom build choppers. Branded as The ESTD and owned as a subsidiary by InterGlobe Established Products Private Limited, the brand is all set to enter India and probably will surpasses the price tag of the most expensive Harley Davidson.

Surprising enough? It certainly is. At the recent unveiling of the brand’s two wheeler products, a Hollister’s Custom Twin Special drew everybody’s attention. Apart from this mean machine several other motorcycles add charm to the company’s portfolio which include Gorgeous, Anzac, Sprattin, Silverstone, Siberian, Bullet and Adreanlin.


Characterized by a long wheelbase, single seats and stretched fuel tanks, the products are very distinctive and have an amazing road presence. With no surprise such expensive products need appreciable time to manufacture and hence a time of 6 months is not much.

Volker Sichler of Hollister’s Motorcycles stated,  “India is now on a growth path and is expected to become one of the largest luxury markets in the world. An increasingly affluent customer base, quest for one of a kind lifestyle experiences and acquisition all bode well for the luxury industry here. Hollister’s, with the help of The ESTD, aims to bring the best in biking, offering an exciting, thrilling experience that has never been seen before.”

Nigel Harwood, president and CEO, The ESTD added, “We are delighted to announce our new identity and look forward to redefining the luxury landscape here in India and surrounding SAARC and UAE countries. With such iconic global brands, The ESTD will deliver its customers with the ultimate luxury experience, be it for land, air or water. It’s a company for the Established by the Established.”


Hollister’s Custom Twin Special Motorcycle Specifications In India


Engine              Rev Tech 088

Year                   2010

Cubic                 1442

Block                 Polished

Corberator      Mikuni HSR 42

Aircleaner        TP- Design

Exhaust             HMC E3

Pipes                 HMC E3

Ignition            Single Fire

Power              45kw/60PS


Type                  RT

Gears                6

Clutch              RT


Frame                   HMC 38 5“ stretch

Fork                       RST

Fuel tank             Broad 17 liter

Suspensions       Progressive

Front wheel        3,5 x 18

Back wheel          8,5 x 18

Front brakes        1 x 4 RST

Back brakes          1 x 6 RST

Front tyre             130 Avon

Rear tyre               250 Avon


Risers                     Ness

Handlebar            Ness

Mirrors                   CCE

Grips                       CCE

Fenders                HMC

Fenderstruts      RST

Electric                 MBC

Turnlights            Kellermann

Backlight              Hella

Lamp                     CCE

Finishing             Iridiumsilver Metallic

Warranty             24 month

Production          Germany

Permission          Europe

Price inclusive of VAT
34,500 Euro (Rs. 21.75 lakhs)


Engine Rev Tech 100
cubic 1637
47 kw/64 PS
550 Euro

Engine Rev Tech 110
cubic 1801
60 kw/80 PS
1,100 Euro

Extra charge for
double-brake system

Hollister’s Custom Twin Special Motorcycle Price In India

The bike will be priced around a mind boggling Rs.45 Lakh owing to the import duties.

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  1. This could be the costlier bike of Harley Davidson. What I know only the starting price of bikes 9 lk onwards, and the enthusiast people still go for it. When it comes on road each and every one look at the bike that makes proud having these kinds of bikes.


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