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Honda Activa 5G- Reasons Why You Should And Should Not Buy This Scooter

Honda Activa 5G is one of the top-selling two-wheelers of India. It’s most of the Indians’ first choice. The scooter is priced decently starting from Rs 53,019 (ex-showroom). Here we list all the reasons why should and should not buy this scooter.

India’s most preferred is the Honda Activa 5G. Simple, efficient and reliable. That’s what most of the people would say about it. Despite being one of the top sellers of India, it still has its own cons. Some are because of its competitors too. It came out first in 2000, as one of the earliest automatic scooters. The Sunny and Pep were much smaller than Activa and the Eterno had gears. So this automatically became a hit and now 18 years later, its 5th generation is out. This generation gets some latest features but still is much dated. Some features are still not there and the design is also too plain. But still, it is at large. In this article, we list all the pros and cons that this scooter has. Refer to these points before you choose the Activa 5G.

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Honda Activa 5G Pros:

1. It is the segment first scooter to get LED headlamps with LED DRLs. LED headlamps are usually found in 125cc scooters. These headlamps provide much better visibility than the normal bulb and halogen headlamps.

2. Activa 5G is still one of the most fuel-efficient scooters in India. Honda’s HET engine helps the scooter is maintaining the mileage under 55-60 KMPL. In India, most of the people and especially in scooters, see the mileage figure.

3. One good thing that Activa has done is that it has now some features. The latest generation gets a semi-digital speedometer, LED headlamps and DRLs, 4-in-1 seat opening switch and phone charging slot in the storage cabin. Though these features are not much, but much better than the earlier generation.

4. Reliability is Honda’s USP. Over the years, it has built a trust in people. Most of its two-wheelers are running good and some are also amongst the top 10 selling 2 wheelers of India. It has a good after-sales service network, which makes Honda more preferable.

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So, these were the Pros of the Activa 5G. Let’s hop on to the cons of the scooter, that many of you might be knowing.

Honda Activa 5G Cons:

1. Earlier above, we talked about its features. Yes, it got some good upgrades but still lacks in comparison to its competitors. Its competitors include TVS Jupiter, Hero Maestro and Gusto. It misses out on features like Jupiter’s pass light and Disc Brake, Gusto’s find-me-lamps, Remote Flip key and height adjustable seat.

honda activa 5g images front angle

2. Nowadays, people are choosing stylish and efficient scooters. While this one is definitely not. It gets the plain simple looks, without any graphics, decals or any other styling elements. For the young buyers, this disadvantage might not attract them. Also, it misses out on alloys.

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3. For better comfort, it misses out on Telescopic front forks. Almost all of its competitors get better suspension units, which this scooter misses out. Telescopic provides much more relief over bad roads.

4. While most of its competitors offer an optional disc brake, this one does not. Disc brake sometimes is a selling point, as it offers better safety. Summing up, the scooter is still a little outdated.

So here were the pros and cons of the scooter. We hope that you would consider these reasons before buying these scooters. Tune in to CarBlogIndia for more such articles.