Higher Waiting Period On Honda & Toyota Cars In India In Coming Months


Honda SIEL and Toyota India are two very reputed names in the Japanese cars sold In India. With the Tsunami and earthquake tragedies in the home country of these brands, there have been some long time supply chain problems. Whole Japan is recovering from the tragedy slowly and the life is gradually getting back to normal. But the industries there have been struggling hard to get back to their earlier levels of production and outputs. Because of the problems in the supply chain in the home country, the Indian operations of the Honda SIEL and Toyota India have been impacted. These companies get several parts of the Indian cars from the home country Japan. In the absence of adequate supply from Japan, both Honda SIEL and Toyota India have announced cut in production. Honda will produce about half the number of cars while Toyota will produce only the one-third of the maximum capacity of the cars which they generally produce on full swing production.


So if you are to book a Honda or Toyota car in India, talk with the dealer about the delivery dates in advance before making your final decision as it may take some longer time than your expectations. The situation is expected to get better in a couple of months as more and more normalcy is gained in Japan, till then, it will be a difficult phase for the Japanese car makers.

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