Honda City 2005 to 2007 Year Models Recalled For Faulty Power Window Switches


Honda City has been the customers’ choice ever since it entered the mid-size sedan segment and is still close to the zenith in its category but since it is a machine problems are ought to come. Honda is recalling 72,115 Honda city Sedans manufactured during the between the year 2005 and 2007 for replacement of power window switches.

The Indian recall is a small part of the global recall recently made which covers over 9,00,000 vehicles. Adding the Honda Jazz/ Honda Fit hatchback numbers, which account for a majority of the the total number of recalled units, it reaches 962,000 mark. The Citys are a small portion of the global recall of which over 72,000 come from India.

Recently one of the statements made by the company said, “HSCI is carrying out the part replacement as part of a global exercise by Honda Motor Company to ensure stringent quality standards for its products,”

honda city recall

As per many of you this might not seem to be a serious issue but for Honda, who is very particular about being perfect, the switch could become a cause for a fire accident if it completely melts down. Although no similar accidents have been reported yet but the automaker does not want to come in news for any reason in connection with this issue. In India only the City has been affected as per the recall as till 2007 Honda did not start selling the Jazz.

The company also said, “Although no incident has been reported in India, HSCI is extending the same exercise to the previously sold Honda City manufactured in 2005 to 2007,”

Honda CR-V crossover has also been recalled in a couple of nations across the world for the same reason , except India as it is still to be confirmed whether the Indian models face the same driver’s side power window switch issue or not. Whatever the case may be I am sure Honda is sensible is concerned enough to sort the same as soon as possible.

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