Honda City Facelift Launch Postponed In India


Updated on 15th December 2011:

New Honda City 2011 Launched In India At Rs. 6.99 Lakhs – Click Here For Details, Price and Features

Honda SIEL India is facing supply constrains for its car parts since there is a flood situation in Thailand. Because of the recent floods in Thailand, Honda has reduced production in many of the global plants which get auto components from there. Few weeks back, we reported that the new model Honda City 2011 has been launched in Thailand and India Launch is expected soon. This recent floods in  has resulted in delay of the launch of Honda City Facelifted new model in India. As per the new plans, the Honda City facelift may be delayed until the Auto Expo 2012 or even later deepening on when the situation at Thailand gets normal.


image – Honda City 2011 Nee Model

The City 2011 facelift is not a mechanical or performance facelift, its more of a features and cosmetic upgrade which involves improved front and rear look, some improvements on the instrument cluster, dashboards etc. We hope the situation resumes to normal in Thailand and things get back to normal.

Apart from Honda City, there is some shortage of certain components  of new Honda Jazz and Honda Brio which is partly the reason for high waiting period of Jazz and Brio in India as of now. In the beginning of 2011, Honda Japan got impacted by the unfortunate earthquakes which took a lot of toll on Japan’s economy and also impacted Honda and other Japanese companies in a big way. Lets hope for the best in the times to come.

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