Honda City Again On Top Of The List- Beats Hyundai Verna In Sales In Aug 2011


In a market where diesel cars are being preferred over petrol ones, the very popular Honda City sets another example for the same. The car which earlier was on the top of the list and experienced a slowdown since diesel cars started taking the favorite spot, has managed to regain the top spot yet again. The City has done pretty well but with the advancement in diesel cars and change in tastes owing to soaring petrol prices, eventually the sales showed a drop in the past months.

Most of us were unsure about the car, whether it would make a comeback or not, but to everybody’s surprise it has managed to regain the No.1 spot in list. With the commencement of the year the sales were appreciably good but in the month of May it showed a drastic fall, which was certainly undesirable. The car recorded 5000 units in January but with the month of May stepping in the sales went down to 1800 units throwing the car down to the second last spot in the table.


Making a comeback the car has achieved a reported sales of 5819 units in the month of August which is a 42 % rise from the precious sales figure. The very obvious reason for the improvement in sales is the price cut of Rs. 66,000 which catapulted the sales by 4,000 units.

Following is the data of the sales of the competing mid-size sedans”:

Hyundai Verna

  • July – 4724
  • August-4211

Honda City

  • July – 4092
  • August – 5819

Volkswagen Vento

  • July – 2846
  • August – 3019

Maruti SX4

  • July – 2303
  • August – 1893

Ford Fiesta

  • July – 781
  • August – 401

Fiat Linea

  • July – 175
  • August – 113

The reason why City stood out once again is the right pricing of this very petrol car which is as pleasurable in driving as ever, is loaded with safety equipment and sets new benchmarks in terms of refinement. Apart from Honda, Volkswagen has also worked hard on improving the value for money aspect. With inviting low interest rates of 6.99 %, free offerings at dealerships such as seat covers, parking sensors, music systems etc. have helped Vento to get some more success. Fiat Linea has could never be considered as a competition since it picked as low as 113 sales. Reasons may be many but eventually the best in the segment City has emerged yet again.

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