Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 – COMPARISON


We compare the new Grazia with the Activa 125 automatic scooter to give you a comparison on the basis of price, specifications, features, and mileage in our Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 cc comparison here

The Honda Grazia has finally gone on sale and becomes the latest addition to HMSI’s scooter portfolio. While the new scooter from Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India shares its engine, hence, even the specifications, with the Activa 125, there is definitely a lot that sets these two models apart. The Grazia offers a more stylish look and many more features. In terms of price positioning, both these models are closely matched. So, is the new offering better than the company’s best-seller? We decided to compare these two in our Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 comparison here.

honda grazia vs honda activa 125

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Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 Price 

Model Base Price Top Price
Grazia Rs 57,987 Rs 62,269
Activa 125 Rs 57,497 Rs 61,869

The Grazia offers fresher styling and a lot many premium features. Yet the price premium it commands over the Activa 125 is hardly substantial. In comparison to the Activa’s starting price of Rs 57,497, Grazia’s price starts at Rs 57,987. If you compare the top models, the fully-loaded Grazia costs Rs 62,269 as against Rs 61,869 for the top model of the 125cc Activa. Hence, in pricing wars alone, the Grazia is the clear winner. In spite of the slightly higher price, it offers much more in terms of features. Plus, it is a fresher product and is sure to have a higher street presence.

Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 Specifications

Specs Honda Grazia Honda Activa 125
Engine 124.9cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled 124.9cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled
Maximum Power 8.52 BHP 8.52 BHP
Peak Torque 10.54 Nm 10.54 Nm
Transmission V-matic V-matic
Front Suspension Telescopic Telescopic
Rear Suspension Spring-loaded Hyrdraulic Type Spring-loaded Hyrdraulic Type
Brakes Front 130 mm Drum/190 mm Disc (optional) with CBS

Rear- 130 mm Drum

Front 130 mm Drum/190 mm Disc (optional) with CBS

Rear- 130 mm Drum

In terms of specifications, there is nothing really to differentiate between the two. As the Grazia is essentially a more attractive and feature-laden Activa 125, it gets the same engine and exactly the same specifications. This 124.9cc single-cylinder motor outputs a maximum power of 8.52 BHP and 10.54 Nm for both the scooters. Both the models come with a V-matic CVT. Suspension duties for both the Honda scooters here are courtesy of telescopic forls up front and a spring-loaded hydraulic type unit at the rear. Both the Grazia and the Activa 125 get 130 mm drum brakes on front and rear wheels. However, both the models also offer an optional 190 mm disc. Combi Brake System is available on both.

Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 Mileage

Model Maximum Mileage Minimum Mileage
Grazia 45 KMPL 50 KMPL
Activa 125 45 KMPL 50 KMPL

As both the engines share the same engine, even their mileage is exactly the same. Both the models end up offering a minimum mileage of 45 KMPL and a maximum mileage of 50 KMPL. Again, even in this part of the comparison, both the scooters are evenly matched.

Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 Features

The Grazia is the clear winner if you compare the features of the two models. The latest offering comes with ay features that are conspicuous by their absence on the 125cc Activa. Well, the Activa 125 isn’t devoid of any sort of convenience-enhancing feature, but the Grazia is clearly the better one in this aspect. Here are the features highlights of the new model –

  • Front Disc Brake
  • Electric Start
  • Attractive Design
  • Telescopic Front Forks
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Attractive Metallic Paint Options
  • Large Headlamp
  • Mobile Charging Socket
  • Digital Speedo Console
  • LED Headlamp
  • Four-in-one lock

Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 Design

It is in this part of the comparison that the two differ like chalk and cheese. Compared to the understated, and I daresay, rather boring, looks of the 125cc Activa, the Grazia is like a freash of breath air. Its front apron sports a large headlamp that in turn carries LED fixtures to give a modern look. Also, the new model has a louder design than the company’s best-seller. Its bodywork gets some clearly defined creases and ample play with the surfaces to give you a very attractive look. In comparison, the Activa 125 is all about clean surfaces and playing it safe. The new Grazia 125cc scooter is available in six metallic paint options, which further enhance the looks.

Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 Comparison Verdict

  • Price– Well, the Grazia is costlier than the 125cc Activa but only by a small margin. In return, it offers a fresher design and many more features. Hence, the new scooter becomes the winner of this part of the comparison.
  • Specifications– Both the scooters come with the same engine and have the same specifications. Hence, there is no clear winner here.
  • Mileage– As specs remain the same, even mileage is the same for the two models Again, there’s no clear winner of this part of the comparison.
  • Features– One area where the Grazia clearly wins is the features department. The new model offers many more features than the scooter it is based on.
  • Looks– Looks are a highly subjective matter but we would pick the Grazia over the Activa 125 as the winner of this part of the comparison. We say so because it offers a fresher design and more features without costing a lot more.

VERDICT- By now it is clear that the Grazia is the clear winner of this comparison. it offers more features and has a fresher design. It gets the same tried-and-tested mechanicals and costs only slightly more. Hence, it’s really clear to choose the winner of the Honda Grazia vs Honda Activa 125 comparison.

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