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Honda India To Update Line-up With 4 NEW Products

Honda recently disassociated with its long time partner SIEL, and now that it is all on its own, this experienced Japanese car maker is ready with a strategy that is likely to boost its sales as well as strengthen its presence in the Indian automobile space. The strategy would focus on three main areas – a series of launches in the compact and premium segments, introduction of diesel variants of its popular models, and increase in the exports.

First and foremost the company is focusing on a small diesel engine and for that it has already invested considerable amount of time and funds. Importantly, this small diesel engine is being developed exclusively for India and will first be seen on a C-segment sedan, based on Brio (the one which we have been talking about lately).

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Once the launch of the Brio sedan happens, the company will start rolling out diesel engine powered variants of the models existing.

2013 Honda Brio Sedan

What is interesting to know here is that none of the current generation models will come in diesel option, as Honda intends to introduce the diesel engine in the next generation models of the same.

The current line-up consists of 6 models but Honda wants to expand it to a 10 model range. The company is currently studying the  possibility of introducing a utility vehicle in India, either in the sports utility vehicle or the multi utility vehicle segment.

Hironori Kanayama, president and chief executive, HCIL, said: “We have made significant changes to the new model line-up, which will be seen over the next year. We have decided on a number of new model launches…we have started investment on the diesel engine facility and it will be ready by the end of the year. We have invested in a completely new line.”

Recently the company launched the City CNG in India and in the coming months we could see more CNG models. In addition Honda India is also resting the replacement model for the Honda CR-V crossover for the Indian market in Noida.

As far as the exports are concerned, the company has started exporting the Brio hatch to South Africa. Now the company is willing to give a trust to its exports and plans to export over 1600 Brios to South Africa and SADC (South African Development Community) countries by next March.

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