Honda SIEL To Reduces Booking and Waiting Period By Sourcing Parts From Alternate Suppliers

Honda may not be the most successful player in the Indian automobile industry but is definitely a smart player. It is already working on diesel technology and is almost ready to introduce it in our market and recently, to attract more sales, it even reduced the prices of its very popular products, Honda City and Honda Jazz by appreciable amounts.

But all these strategies could not make up for the damage brought by the disaster that struck Thailand. The reason is that Honda imports many of its products from Thailand and now that the parts cannot be brought from there, Honda SIEL has contacted alternate suppliers for the same.

Honda Brio

image – Honda Brio Small Car India

Jnaneswar Sen, senior VP sales and marketing said, “Now that we have secured alternative sources of supplies, we hope deliver as many cars as possible to our waiting City, Jazz and Brio customers,”

At present the company has 7500 bookings of Brio, 4000 bookings of Jazz and 2000 bookings of City and they are not accepting further bookings as due to Thailand floods the waiting period for abovementioned products have rose by as much as 6 months. By adopting the new strategy the company is confident enough that by March 2012 it will resuming its lost pace.

The company is also considering utilizing its Tapukara plant (Rajasthan) and setting up a production line there once its production peaks. By 2012 it expects to fully utilize the 100,000 unit capacity of its existing plant and will further invest an appreciable amount on the plant in Rajasthan.

“We hope to completely utilize our plant capacity this year. For us, the entire effort will be on giving a rebirth to Brio, which we are confident will drive the volumes,” said Sen.

Let us sincerely hope that Honda gets back on track soon and gets back its lost charm.

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