Honda WRV vs Honda BRV [COMPARED!]


Honda Cars India has come up with the new Jazz-based WR-V Crossover. The new Honda WRV is a direct rival to cars like the Hyundai i20 Active, Fiat Avventura and Volkswagen Cross Polo. While such pseudo-crossover aren’t much popular in India, it seems like Honda feels the WRV will bring at least some more buyers to its showrooms. Also, prospective Honda car buyers will soon have the option of choosing between the WRV and the BRV. So, how different are these two Honda models? We try to find out in our Honda WRV vs Honda BRV comparison here. Also See- Honda WRV – Test Drive Details

honda wrv vs honda brv

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Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Price Comparison

  Honda WRV (estimated ex-showroom Price) Honda BRV (ex-showroom Delhi Price)
Petrol Rs. 7.75-8.99 lakh Rs. 8.88-12.13 lakh
Diesel Rs. 8.79-9.99 lakh Rs. 9.99-13.04 lakh

The WRV has a starting price of Rs 7.75 lakh for its petrol range. The Diesel range starts at Rs 8.79 lakh. In comparison, the BRV is considerably pricier. If you compare the two, the BRV is a typical crossover, while the WRV is basically a more rugged version of the Jazz. However, the WRV does offer typical crossover traits like a high ground clearance. Both the cars will share the Diesel engine. The Petrol engine for the WRV, however, will be smaller.

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Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Specifications Comparison

Honda WR-V Honda BRV
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Petrol/1.5 L Diesel 1.5 L Petrol/1.5 L Diesel
Power 89 BHP/99 BHP 115 BHP/99 BHP
Torque 110 Nm/200 Nm 145 Nm/200 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual/6-speed manual 6-speed manual, CVT/6-speed manual
Mileage (claimed) 17.5 KMPL/25.5 KMPL 15.4 KMPL/21.9 KMPL

The Honda WRV shares its engines with the Jazz. This means it comes with a 1.2 Petrol and a 1.5 Diesel engine. In comparison, the BRV gets its engines from the City, which means while the Diesel engine is the same as the WRV, its petrol engine displaces 1.5 Litres. No surprise then, that, the BRV, at least in its Petrol format, is a lot more powerful than the WRV. To WRV’s credits, however, the Jazz-based crossover is significantly more fuel efficient.

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Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Mileage Comparison

  Honda WR-V (ARAI) Honda BRV (ARAI)
Diesel 25.5 KMPL 21.9 KMPL
Petrol 17.5 KMPL 15.4 KMPL

Thanks to lower kerb weight and a smaller petrol engine, the WRV will be slightly more frugal than the BRV.

Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Features Comparison

Honda WRV Honda BRV
Air Conditioner Type Automatic Climate Control Automatic Climate Control
Power Windows Yes (4) Yes (4)
Central Locking Remote Key Keyless Entry and go
Steering Audio Controls Yes Yes
Audio System Touchscreen Touchscreen
Airbags 2 2
ABS Yes Yes

Both the cars will be almost equally feature-laden. This is something that could work well in the favour of the WRV.

Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Comparison – Dimensions

Length 3999 mm 4456 mm
Width 1734 mm 1735 mm
Height 1601 mm 1686 mm
Wheelbase 2555 mm 2662 mm
Ground Clearance 188 mm 210 mm

Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Comparison – Verdict

Here’s what we feel about how these two vehicles compare on different aspects-

Price: The WRV is cheaper than the BRV. While BRV justifies the premium it commands by offering a more powerful Diesel engine and 3-rows seating, the WRV almost struggles to justify the price tag by offering some traits like a high ground clearance.

Specifications: Both the cars share the Diesel engine. However, the WRV could feel sprightlier thanks to a lower kerb weight. The Petrol BRV, however, is a lot more powerful than the WRV’s petrol model. This is because of a bigger engine that comes from the City (as compared to WRV’s Jazz-sourced 1.2 L petrol motor).

Mileage: The WRV is the clear winner here. Thanks to a lower kerb weight and a smaller petrol engine, it manages to offer a much higher fuel mileage.

Features: Both the cars are evenly managed here, with really little to differentiate between the two. This is something that works in WRV’s favour, as it’s going to cost a lot lesser.

Verdict- As we’ve been saying, the WRV and the BRV aren’t direct rivals. However, those looking for a car with a high ground clearance and slight ruggedness can look at the WRV. It costs lesser than the BRV and offers these essential crossover traits. The BRV, on the other hand, is for those who want a full-fledged crossover. It’s bigger, more rugged and more powerful, too.

What do you think of our Honda WRV vs Honda BRV comparison? Do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more comparisons like the Honda WRV vs Honda BRV comparison here.

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  1. All your Honda products are superb and awesome but the only thing which you guys had to work on is design with proper detailing and higher ground clearance bcoz all your cars looks like cars with small tyres having low ground clearance which is not at all suitable in India roads and for our indian consumers.

  2. Idea of fitting Stepney wheel outside like Ford ekosport would have been better to give more rugged look for WR V

  3. Whether Honda is planning to atleast one varaint of WR-V with 1.5l petrol engine like Ford Ecosport.

  4. […] Honda has not tasted much success with its SUVs and crossovers in India thus far. With the launch of the WR-V, Honda will be hoping to turn things around. Based on the Jazz hatchback, the WRV is much more than just a hatch with heavy cladding and increased ground clearance. There is a substantial price overlap between the WRV diesel and 1.3 L Diesel variants of the Maruti S-Cross. Which means the S-Cross can be viewed as a potential rival to the WRV. Read our Honda WRV vs Maruti S Cross comparison to find out what’s what. ALSO SEE- Honda WRV vs Maruti Vitara Brezza | Honda WRV vs Ford EcoSport | Honda WRV vs Honda BRV  […]

  5. See it’s difficult to choose between the two but the BRV I think will a best choice in the matter of engine performance space not in look as it looks like mobilio which is a mpv.So on basis of features WRV is best as it have touch screen back camera only these two are absent in BRV.AT the end BRV is favoured over WRV

  6. If you don’t want to buy Innova then go for BRV. That is it. If you are looking for other cars then keep comparing Creta EcoSPort Brezza WRV TUV300 etc.
    BRV is a full loaded car only you get AVN from them and go. Fantastic pickup, zero lag, Drives light even on 7 on board. Mileage over 20 even in city traffic. Buy it forget it. Innova is 7 lakhs costlier. Engine warranty is unlimited KMs. Have drive 6000 kms

  7. Any Honda Car is NOT TO BE PURCHASED car. I purchased a Honda BRV car from RR Honda Peeragarhi Delhi. On inquiring about the reverse gear camera, I was told that they will give me a BRV car which will be fitted with a reverse gear camera but at an cost of around 10,000. Not realizing that this will not be a company camera, I purchased one. But to my surprise the camera fitted in it has a flawed camera as part of the design. In fact it is a 90 degrees camera and as you reverse towards a fixed object nearer to the left or right edge of the the vehicle, the LED shows you a very deceptive image with respect to the lateral distance of the object with respect to the edge of the bumper. It shows as if the object is outside of the path of the vehicle while it is very much inside the path.
    On many representations with the head office and the showroom also, no fruitfull result has been achieved. They just wash off their hands saying that this was fitted AFTER purchase, even though I took delivery from the showroom with the camera fitted in it. This indicates that HONDA recommends this brand camera to be installed in BRV model.
    Why can’t the company provide me with a camera which is fitted in its Honda City model. I have expressed that I am even prepared to pay the difference of amount between the two cameras.
    BUT, I am disgusted and may be I would like to dispose this car as soon as I can and go in for a Hyundai Verna.
    HYUNDAI culture is very much different. There the customer is never treated like this. Honda just wants to disown the problem. Whereas in case of HYUNDAI, they try to satisfy you up to the end.

    God save those who go in for a Honda vehicle, including me.


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