More Hybrid Cars Expected In Indian In Coming Years


First electric cars and two wheelers got some incentive in from Government of India and now it’s the turn of Hybrid vehicles. The reasons why Govt. of India or any govt. encourages use of alternative fuel technologies or hybrid technologies is two folds, Environment and Economy. Both the environment and economy benefit from usage of such vehicles because they throw less emissions or green house gases and secondly they reduce the economic burden of the country by reducing oil consumption by these vehicles. In November 2010 – Govt. of India Declared Incentive Program for Electric Vehicles In India.


There are two reasons why Hybrid cars are not popular in India:

  • These cars are not manufactured in India and CBU units imported from abroad cost a fortune
  • Even if manufactured in India in future, these are more expansive compared to conventional petrol cars and India car market is quite price sensitive

To overcome these challenges, Govt. needs to provide some sort of financial incentives to the car companies and buyers to go for Hybrid cars and save fuel and environment. The hybrid cars are not only low on emissions, but also very fuel efficient and quieter as they partly operate on Electric motor only which is much quieter in operation. Its not clear by when and how much to expect from the Govt., but any step in this direction would help to get some Hybrid technology in India. Although there are Micro Hybrid Cars present in India in small number, and also retro systems like Revolo will also hit the Indian market soon, but full Hybrid cars are still a distant dream until there is some initiative from the Govt. of India. We’ll bring you more updates as they happen, till then stay tuned to us by signing up for our free email newsletter.

source- ET

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