Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Launch In India Soon- Premium Trucks To Launch Initially


Hyundai, ever since its arrival in India, has focused on small cars/hatchbacks. Gradually it became confident and launched sedans and SUVs but it still focuses on small cars more than any other segment. On Thursday the Korean manufacturer made an announcement concerned with its future plans which says that soon the firm will launch commercial vehicles in India.

The company will come up with high end premium trucks initially and will expand its line-up later.

At 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Hyundai Motor Company Deputy General Manager (Commercial vehicle Marketing team) J.D. Lee said, “There are lots of possibilities to launch commercial vehicles in India…we are currently studying the Indian market…So, we are planning,”

Hyundai Commerical Vechiles

image – Hyundai HD 45 Commercial Truck

Without throwing much light on the matter Mr. Lee said that initially we will bring premium trucks in India but will also consider launching buses as well. “We are trying to launch high-end and premium trucks… As far as the models that we have, I think it is not a problem. We have many models all over the world,” he added.

Mr. Lee also said that currently the company is planning which models to be launched. He said,“Premium model truck is attractive (now) for the Indian market but we think bus is also profitable,” He added, “Then, we will decide how many units…It is not enough to just launch a product, we have to think about the service part also and that is taking time,”

The news is interesting enough and we are keen to see what will be brought to the Indian market from Hyundai’s global stable.

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