Hyundai Compact SUV To Rival Duster And A Small Car Between i10 and i20


The Koreans surely know how to take on the markets all over the world in every aspect. Samsung has a stronghold over electronics and Hyundai seems to be doing more than just fine in the automobile sector. There is not a volume segment that Hyundai does not has a car to offer and with the fluidic philosophy gaining popularity, the company is expected to go pretty much north from here onwards. And the company has some quite aggressive future plans.

The Compact SUV segment is the hottest segment as of now and there is not a single company that has not learnt the need to bring a CUV to the market. So how could Hyundai be left behind. Hyundai is reported to be working on a Compact Crossover that will sit above the i20 and will share the center stage with likes of the Ford EcoSport, Duster and the Quanto. The company has stated that it’s been working on the feasibility aspect of the CUV but we don’t think a CUV would be non feasible option either.

Hyundai Compact SUV for India

But that is not all and Hyundai will also bring a compact car to the market which is currently being developed and the car is being made taking into account the Indian conditions as India is one of the most important markets for the company. The car has been codenamed BA and will be slotting in between the i10 and i20. The car was earlier expected to replace the i10 but the company has come forward and stated that the new compact car will slot between the i10 and the i20.

Hyundai Small Car

The car is expected to come with a 1.2 litre petrol engine that can currently be seen on the i20. Also on offer will be a 1.1 litre diesel motor which is being developed as of now to make it a fuel efficient unit. This car is a work in progress in the company’s South Korean facility and will make its way to the launchpad by October this year. Ford is also expected to debut their next generation of the popular Figo later this year or in early 2014 and the Korean offering will lock horns with the American offering. Let the battle begin.

Source: ET