Hyundai i10 Compact Sedan To Take On Dzire and Amaze


We recently brought you the news of Hyundai developing a compact sedan based on their uber-popular i20. We also told you that since the i20 already measures almost 4 meters, addition of a boot shall simply decrease the leg room so a compact sedan which would have been based on the i10 would have made more sense and it seems, those Hyundai people are listening to us. And today we have a piece of news for you seems way more realistic than the i20 compact sedan rumor.

Hyundai is all set to debut their next generation2012  Hyundai i10 which is one of their highest selling cars. This new Hyundai i10 shall be based on an altogether new platform of which shall also have the ability to spawn a compact sedan which we believe would be an i10 with a boot and shall look like a proper 3 box compact sedan rather the current segment leader Swift Dzire compact sedan which has a very disproportionate side profile and the boot looks quite odd. But the i10 has a shorter wheelbase and the boot shall fit in quite gracefully.

Hyundai i10 Compact Sedan Will Launch In Diesel and Petrol

This bit of news comes right from a top official at Hyundai. Hyundai Turkey’s Chairman, Umit Karaarsalan, has stated that next generation i10 and compact sedan shall be produced in Turkey. So there we have a word from a very credible source and the i10 based compact sedan will be slotted between the i10 and the i20. This leaves us wondering as to where will the place the i20 compact sedan. Maybe they will offer the i10 CS as a low cost offering and the i20 CS shall be a premium offering.

The next gen i10 shall get both diesel and petrol hearts and these engine options shall be carried on to the compact sedan as well. And India will be amongst the first wave of countries to get the i10 based compact sedan seeing the high demand India has for compact sedans. The i10 is quite a brisk seller and Hyundai shall look to capitalize on the familiarity of the brand name in Indian households. Last but not the least, as far as the i20 based sedan is concerned, Hyundai could do themselves a world of good if they manage to spawn a proper sedan based on i20 and manage to slot it below the Verna and retire the Accent. But then again, it’s just what we wish for.

source- Daily News