Hyundai i10 Diesel To Counter Competition In Small Car Sector


Updated on 11 June 2012 – Hyundai i10 Fluidic Diesel Launch In 2013

Hyundai has been considering a CRDI Diesel Engine variant of its flagship car Hyundai i10. Hyundai i10 has been a boon for Hyundai in India and worldwide with amazing sales numbers. Recently it came out as best seller and most fuel efficient compact car in over 1 Liter engine segment. The recent developments in the small car space has led Hyundai to re-consider its decision of not introducing Diesel variants of i10. With entry of Ford in this space with Ford Figo, Volkswagen with Volkswagen Polo, Nissan with its compact Nissan Micra and new blue-eyed boy, Maruti Wagon R has changed the equations of this segment.

To retain its sales numbers, its essential for Hyundai to come up with new variants and a diesel variant to compete with the Diesel engine cars of its segment. There is no announcement of the timeline for launch of a Diesel variant, but it can be launched sooner than we expect. Hyundai is already doing research and development for a 800 cc car – Hyundai 800 expected to be ready by 2012.

There is a high probability that Hyundai will use the 1.4 Litre CRDI Diesel Engine used in Hyundai i20 for the Diesel variant of i10 also.

Expected Specifications of Hyundai i10 Diesel

The specifications of 1.4 Diesel engine are as follows :

  • 4 Cylinder 1396 cc DOHC Engine
  • 16 Valve Engine – 4 valves per cylinder
  • Max Power – 90 BHP @4000 RPM
  • Max Torque – 200 Nm @ 1750-2750 RPM
  • 5 or 6 Speed Manual Transmission
  • Expected Mileage of over 20 KM per litre of Diesel

With the kind of power output and superb torque along with  a whooping mileage of over 20 KM per litre of Diesel, the Hyundai i10 Diesel may become a game changer in the compact car segment and add more feathers to Hyundai’s cap.

Expected Price Of Hyundai i10 Diesel

With a 1.4 Litre Diesel engine and competitor’s pricings, its likely to be placed between a range of Rs. 4.2  Lakhs to Rs. 5.5 Lakh. Sales number of Hyundai i20 diesel suggest that people like the diesel variant of i20 which also supports the likely chances of Hyundai i10 Diesel to be a success.

Updated on 11 June 2012 – Hyundai i10 Fluidic Diesel Launch In 2013