Hyundai i10 Kappa 1.2 Vs Hyundai i10 iRDE 1.1


Hyundai i10 has been a huge success for Hyundai in India. In past one year, Hyundai is one of the few car companies which have observed record sales increase, thanks to Hyundai i10 which has made this happen. After this positive response , Hyundai has also launched i10 with Kappa-Engine of 1.2 L capacity. Earlier, the engine was iRDE 1.1 L.

What’s the difference between i10 Kappa and i10 iRDE ?



Kappa is a technically advanced engine as compared to iRDE Engine of Hyundai i10. the iRDE engine was an enhanced version of Hyundai Santro Engine. But Kappa is a different design which is technically advanced than the iRDE engine of i10. In tech jargons, it has four valves per cylinders compared to three in iRDE, it has a Dual over-head cam-shaft (DOHC) compared to standard Single overhead cam-shaft (SOHC) in iRDE, it is made of super light weight die cast aluminum. In short it has got better ingredients πŸ™‚


Now we are talking for something real πŸ™‚ , the power. i10 Kappa has a power output of 80 BHP

compared to i10Β  iRDE which has a max power output of 66.6 BHP . What does it mean? Well it means a lot for the feel of the car, the pick-up and the punch. Its a considerable difference of 20% which means a good amount!

Mileage / Fuel Efficiency:

If you are worried about ever rising fuel prices, then don’t keep away from i10 Kappa just because it has got a bigger and more powerful engine, because you will be surprised to know that there is almost no difference in the fuel consumption average of i10 Kappa and iRDE. In fact, Hyundai claims that i10 Kappa delivers 4% higher fuel efficiency than i10 iRDE. But for practical aspect, you can say that i10 Kappa will not consume more fuel compared to i10 iRDE.


Rightly said that everything comes for a price, so does the better technology πŸ™‚ . i10 Kappa is priced a slightly higher than i10 iRDE, simply because it has better technology, more power and good fuel efficiency. But its pure value for that extra money.


There is not big difference in exterior looks except for the rear spoiler logo at the back of the car which says 1.2 Kappa. For Interiors, they have been made sporty for certain Kappa variants by providing metal finish inside handles, leather wrapped Steering wheel, gear knob and hand brake, which you will not find in iRDE.


You must have guessed by the comparisons I have made above that Kappa is a clear winner πŸ™‚


But if have bought i10 iRDE before Kappa was launched (I am also one of them πŸ˜‰ ) Don’t loose heart, because i10 iRDE is itself a great car from every aspect when compared to other cars in this segment. Please Share your views and experiences of i10 via comments below. Click here for more such updated directly in your inbox.

Updated on 14th July 2009:

I recently got the EPS (electric power steering) replaced under warranty which comes as a shock to me because I never expected such an important component to fail like this in 13 months of purchase of the car.
One more problem I have faced is my car’s battery got fully discharged and it got complete dead until i got it re-charged from a battery shop. I am yet to get the charging circuit checked, there might be a problem there too.
so my recommendation is that you do your research well before buying hyundai i10.

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  1. my nephew frequently keeps on asking…why go for a higher capacity engine if you can tweak a smaller capacity one (like it has happened for Yamaha-R15) to deliver more power…n i’m often clueless. guide me…

  2. @Ashish

    Thanks buddy for the comment πŸ™‚
    Your Nephew is right, there is always a possibility to increase the power of the engine using same engine capacity by making the engine components lighter in weight, especially the moving parts, e.g pistons, valves, crank shafts, connecting rods, valves etc.

    For example: a 800 CC engine of Maruti 800 gives 37 BHP max power
    and Yamaha R5 racing engine of 600 CC gives 120 BHP max power!

    A lots of energy goes waste in overcoming inertial forces of heavy moving pats of engine. But there is always a balance between the strength and weight of these moving parts. If you can make the moving parts light without loosing strength of the moving part you can take out more energy from engine by burning same fuel in same kind of engine.
    If you compromise too much on weight, it will loose strength and will break down πŸ˜‰

    But there is a theoritical limit of this πŸ™‚ because you can not get more energy than the energy burnt by fuel, so you gotta increase the engine capacity (CCs) after a limit.

  3. hi…i am thinking for an i10 kappa…mileage and durability is my main concern…as i would be stretching to pay the emi of a kappa, i would want no or little maintainance, mileage etc hassles…please guide me whether i go in for a santro xing or an i10…what are the comparative mileage and weight of the cars

  4. @Achal
    If u are looking at milage and maintainece, and overall economy, Santo would be a good options. But I would personally like to but i10 because its a very comfortable and smooth car. If you want economy, go for Xing, but if u can afford to pay somewhat more for ur comfort, i10 is a beautiful and comfortable car. I am using it for last 7 months, no problems so far.

  5. hey just go for i 10 irde …and now i wud tell u guys the truth of both the engines
    first of all let me make it clear 1.2 does nt give more mileage than 1.1 …it can only give mileage same as 1.1 when u drive it at 80-85 so u can say its for highway driving ..
    i 10 stopped there productions of irde engine in mid feb 2008 and started working on kappa just because they wanted to make more profit …so i wud advise that if u dnt mind spending 35000 extra go for 1.2 but if ui cant and still thinking about increasing the budget thinking that u are getting a great thing ….FORGET IT ….clearly go for 1.1 variant …

  6. Hi,

    The thread revealed that you have been driving i10 for the last few months. I would like to know the average mileage you are getting and under what traffic conditions. Also mileage is my only concern to decide between i10 iRde and Kappa variant. Many sites specify avg mileage as 14 for i10 iRDE and 17-18 for Kappa variant. Is it true?

  7. @Amit

    My iRDE I10 gives me about 14-15 KMPL mileage, which is good enough for me. I am not sure of kappa, but heard that its nearly same as irde

  8. hi,
    I am buying a i10 kappa (sportz model) and have also paid an advance for the desired colours. However, I am still confused about whether I am taking the right decision. I have also TD swift diesel and ritz ZXI. Confused with regards to highway experience in i10 kappa and mileage . Please guide.

  9. Dear admin, you are telling that for 7 months u own an i10 iRDE and having no problem. You have mentioned on some other page that recently u have replaced the EPS system. Do you know that i10 has inherent EPS problem???

    I invite you to comment on the issue.

  10. @sanjiv :
    yes, i recently got the EPS replaced under warranty which comes as a shock to me because i never expected such an important component to fail like this in 13 months of purchase of the car.
    One more problem i have faced is my car’s battery got fully discharged and it got complete dead until i got it re-charged from a battery shop. I am yet to get the charging circuit checked, there might be a problem there too.
    so my recommendation is that you do your research well before buying hyundai i10.

  11. Hi………,
    I have taken the I10 Sportz model (with Kappa Engine). Not aware of its highway performance . Please share your experience . I am dying to take her out on long drive but would rather pay heed to your comments first.


  13. Hi there,

    I am looking for small car and unable to decide between Maruti Wagaon R, Cheverolet Spark and My prefrence Hyundai I 10….If i should go for I 10, what should I opt ……ERA or MAGNA… (irde or Kappa) I am concerned about milage and comfort….what is the basic advantage for paying more for Kappa Engine….I have also heard that Magana is coming in IRDE engine …what is the difference between IRDE Era and Magna..

    Kinldy guide

  14. hi people>>>>
    I was fully convinced that i want to purchase the Astar.
    Then came video no 1. ( )
    They convinced me that i10 was a better car….
    looking for an answer between the irde or the kappa I surf and reach this page.
    First the administrator convinces me that kappa is the choice….. now at the end the whole view changes owing to some EPS system that I haven’t even heard of…..
    Please help I desperately need to buy a car by tomorrow…..

    P.S- after my expert research i conclude i10 is a better car than the ASTAR
    Cheers…. Peace… Stay away from Drugs…

  15. Hi Team,

    i’m planning to buy my first car… my buget is 4 lacs. i zeroed down to Santro Xing GLS, the main reason for choosing this car is mileage and maintainence and economic car … some ppl confused me saying that it is outdated… why shudn’t i go for i10 ….
    Kindly suggest me in terms of mileage and maintainence

  16. @SAI
    I personally drive i10 and using it for last 1.5 years, so far no major glitches except for power steering failure which was replaced under warranty. I did not pay for anything except for the scheduled services of the car.
    So you can go for it if you like it, maintainence is not too high compared to Santro

  17. I have a maruthi wagon r duo(lpg) 2007 january model. Now I think to sale wagon r and buy i 10 irde 2008 march model (used single owner)-price 3,20000. Is it an intelligent decision ? pls reply friends

  18. Hi Mahi,

    3.2 Lac is a bit expensive.. if u can spend 50K extra u can buy a brand new i10 irde that too u might get year discounts now..

  19. […] launch of Chevrolet beat, Chevrolet brings competition of the market in segment of small cars like Hyundai i10 , Maruti Wagon R, Zen Estilo, Maruti Suzuki Ritz , Tata Indica Vista and other small […]

  20. A-Star is really a star, very good pickup, no compairsion with any small car in this price tag. nice grip on road when it is running 145 km/h speed. and also good control. space is not a very big issue, adjust your front seat and you will get lot of space behind front.

  21. i bought i10 kappa 1.2 last two month back, it gives very good mileage at high way around 20plus at 60 to 70 kmph and in city condition 10-12 at peak hour,

  22. When you want value for your money, When you want more out of less money , when you want style and performance go for A-Star .it is the car for every middle class family.t is a very good car in all the spheres.

  23. Regarding Mileage Kappa gives me average 12 to 13 in Banaglore Traffic and 17 to 18 in highways(90 % AC on )

  24. GOOD-DAY Gentleman,

    hmm …. still stuckup if on to opt for BEAT LT r I-10 Kappa MAGNA ….. IS hydraulic steering one an advantage r dis to electric ?? ….. i’d test driven both ….. seems tat i-10’s gota good pick up n steerin control ……
    Of beat the looks …. with auto climatic control n a bit f automation which i believe so lacks in i-10 …… could u kindly guide me in these …. i-10 s a 50 grand off the hook !! does it worth >?
    kindly if possible mail to my id !!

  25. I Have brought i10 Magna1.1 Variant in Feb2010. I got a reduction of 50,000/-Rs because it was 2009 December model. The cost was less than the current prize for Era model.
    The car so far is excellent and The gear shift is very smooth.
    But the milege though the manufacturer claims 14 it is giving 10Km/L for me. Service providers at Service center say it’s a good milege.

  26. […] Hyundai had been getting excellent response and impressive sales numbers from its compact car Hyundai i10. Initially Hyundai launched its i10 in 1,1 Litre iRDE engine variant and after a few months, it launched another engine variant, the i10 1.2 Litre Kappa Engine. Here is the comparison between Hyundai i10 1.1 iRDE and 1.2 Kappa Engine. […]

  27. I bought i10 1.1 irde in Mar 2008. its a good car but…
    – I’m not happy with the power in 3rd gear esp., with 3 or 4 passengers with you. It sucks!
    – EPS had to be replaced after 23 months (thankfully within warranty period.. otherwise it would have costed me 20k). Immediately I renewed my warranty for one more year! but its really bad on Hyundai part as I heard that there were several complaints received on i10 EPS.

  28. i have i 10 magna kappa 1.2
    which is giving me a very low average in delhi it is 9Km /Ltr
    which is so bad that i cant even imagine that the Hyundai i10 Rated At 19.81 KMPL in the promoes and it is shamefull for the company if they rate 19.81 kmpl than it must be more over 15to 16 on an average but so bad that i am getting 9kmpl just 10.81 is lost somewhere its my experience wthin the purchase of 2009 july and i am fed up of the services the people at hundai do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @munish
    I think there is something wrong with your car, get it checked, get the engine tuning don from Hyundai. 9KMPL is too low.

  30. i10 Car of any make have serious problem of getting its Steering jammed all of a sudden and its EPS (Electronic Power Steering ) indicators glows . It does not matter how many days old your car is and how many KMs it has been drived. This is a seroius security hazard and cost a person and his family permanent loss in case it happens on a hilly road / busy road.

    I have heard and experienced itmy self . For GOD sake do not promote Hyundai i-10 and do not buy it . Believe me . If you need a proof just type Hyundai EPS or i10 Steering Jam in google you will come to know about the fact.

    PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS WHILE BUYING HYUNDAI PRODUCT. Maruti is far better tested and suits Indian roads and maintenance too

  31. Maruti will launch A Star automatic, this will be a big blow to i10 sales because A Star automatic will be competitively priced. Expect A Star automatic this july 2010

  32. Surprised to hear about the problems with the EPS on the i10 (I have an irde). I guess I will need to look out for that.
    My experience (I’ve had the car for 2 years) has actually been excellent – No issues of the nature described, though I wish it had some more punch in 3rd gear too. Gives me about 14.5 in city driving.
    Since I also drive a Swift (petrol) sometimes, I’d say I prefer the i10 for the city because the engine is peppier at low revs. However, the swift suspension is clearly better and the gearshift feels a lot more precise. The mileage really sucks though…

  33. Beating out a field of 620 contenders, Alto (Maruti A-star) tops NRMA survey and declared cheapest car to own and run. Maruti A Star continues to bag so many awards.

  34. iam having I 10 iRDE, iam using this for nearly 9 months and covered more than 18000 km. I feel this car is a good one especially for longtrips. Iam not feeling much difference between kappa and iRDE. My friend have a kappa 1.2. So for me both Irde and Kappa almost similar in features. About i10, its suspension and braking system is excellent especially in Indian roads . Anyway i 10 is really a good car as per my experience compared to others in this segment because it has really a royal looking interiors. Its external look is also very attractive compared to swift and beat.

  35. I bought IRDE in March’2010. completed more than 5000 kms now. Everything is ok, and absolutely fine, but when u hve 3 or more people behind, the car feels sluggish in 2nd gear, even in spead of 5-10 kms u feel the need of putting it up in 1st gear…. slightly underpowered…. and also the brakes are not that immediate when running with AC on.

    It’s spacious, tough, easy and fresh feel to drive. gear shift placement is excellent, far more better than santro or else… I went to agra 2 times and gave 16 kmpl with AC on.. in Delhi it may be around 11-12 only with AC on…

    But phir bhi I feel my choice was not bad, and am satisfied with it. It’s like a beautiful curly haired lady accompanying you. so lovely.

    samir khan

  36. Why not Chevvy Beat over i10? I don’t see any reason for not going for Beat over i10. I feel it is good value for money…ain’t it?

  37. HI This is Gopi got new i10 kappa 1.2 jsut 2 days before. I faced same problem with in 40KM . EPS showing red and battery showing low before brekedown. finally returning to showroom brokedown at road side. So we called trediant(bought from tradient bangalore) they came and done something and sent to service center. may be towmorrow i will come to know what is the problem. and let me knwo what could be the problem.

  38. Hello Gopi

    This is Achal. I faced the same problem 10 days ago, the battery suddenly broke down, then we replaced it and came home smoothly. But the next day, the car didnt start, the engine didnt even react. Then we called in the Showroom guys who took it and said this is a technical fault and corrected it and brought the car back. But i didnt get time to check what the problem exactly was. They didnt take much time to do it and the problem was solved in Rs 250 only. This was the first time i got a problem in the car since Feb 2009 when i bought it.

  39. I am owner of hundai i10 magna 1.2 kappa engine. I was purchase it on 17th june 2010. The car is very good in performence but I felt one problem in my i10 car that it’s engine makes unneccessory noise like as desele engine especially when I drive it in reverse gear. Todays technology used in i10 magna is the best it is ranked by Bs-iv improved. I was complaint it at euaity hundai motors at service time but they are not solved my problem.

    So I am confuse that in i10 magna kappa engine make noise is default wethere only my car making noise. please answer me about it what can I do for this problem
    Yogesh shukla

  40. After 2 and half years of use i10 Magna iRDE EPS failed and costed me around 22,000 INR for replacement and from recent blogs it seems EPS is a major defect which Hyundai should take care of. It gave a great shock to me, if after replacement there is no guarantee that new EPS wil not give any issue going further. That would rise maintenance cost of my car.

  41. Please help with the following

    which one is better between kappa and irde engines in terms of

    how about LPG options?

    please help me fast as I need to decide on my purchase?

    IS EPS breakdown problem so serious?


  42. Kappa is better in terms of power. Mileage is almost same, maintenance of i10 is quite reasonable.
    LPG depends on your need and availability of LPG in your area.
    EPS breakdown is no more there in the newer models. It was there in few initial batch.

  43. Hi,
    I am planning to buy i10 magna/sportz, but now kappa is discontinued with i10 and only iRDE available. Should i go for iRDE ?


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