Hyundai Opening Technical Training Centers In Africa and Asia


Hyundai Motor Company, in collaboration with KOICA and PLAN Korea, will launch a project to help youth in under-developed areas support themselves by setting up technical training center for automobile repair in several African nations. Starting with Ghana, Hyundai will build automobile repair training schools in Africa and Asia in a continuous cycle of construction.

The repair training school in Koforidua, Ghana, called Hyundai-KOICA Dream Centre, will open in September 2012 with a three-year program, admitting about 300 students. Hyundai will support the establishment of the school, from paying teachers to developing curriculum. Graduates with good school records will be offered jobs at Hyundai Service Centers.

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Statistics available from the Ghana Statistics Service 2006 Report indicate that about 250,000 young people enter the labor market annually; they range from university graduates to junior high dropouts. Only 2 percent, or fewer than 5,000 Ghanaian youth, secure traditional employment. The rest are left to unemployment or unstable employment.The cause of high unemployment among youth is the lack of employable skills needed by the job market. Most educational training curricula are not valued by the current job market. As such, the Hyundai-KOICA project has been designed to give youth employable skills.

The project’s support programs and goals are :

1.    Setting up a technical training center and supporting equipment for automobile repair training.
2.    Recruiting and educating students to be auto mechanics.
3.    Enhancing the skills of existing auto mechanics.
4.    Creating skilled and literate mechanics.
5.    Enabling self-reliant poverty reduction through youth empowerment.
6.    Strengthening Hyundai/Korean and Ghanaian technical and cultural cooperation through Hyundai’s social contribution expertise.

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