Hyundai Santro And Tata Tiago Sales Down For May 2019!

The sales of Hyundai Santro and Tata Tiago are considerably down for the month of May 2019. However, the new Maruti WagonR still shows positive growth.

The mid-level hatchback segment comprising of Renault Kwid, Tata Tiago, Maruti WagonR and the Hyundai Santro is popular among first time buyers. These hatchbacks offer some premium features and are usually priced under Rs 6 Lakhs.

As we know, the best seller in this segment is the Maruti WagonR, trailed by Hyundai Santro and Tata Tiago. However, the scenario is a bit different for May 2019. The latter two have seen a drastic hit in sales.

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The monthly sales for Hyundai Santro and Tata Tiago have fallen down by 29% and 33%, respectively. Both of them have also lost their places in the top 15 best selling cars for the month.

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Renault Kwid is usually the fourth in line, but for May, it stands at the second position. The sales of Kwid stand at 5152 units, whereas that of Santro and Tiago are 4902 units and 3535 units, respectively.

Comparing it with the leader, the sales of Maruti Wagon R stand at 14,561 units. It sees a Y-o-Y growth of 50%, from 7856 units. The monthly growth stands at 29%.

Hyundai Santro is the most feature equipped hatchback in this segment and also one of the best looking ones. However, our dealership sources say that people find it a bit compact and like the first-gen Santro much better.

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Another important advantage for Santro and WagonR over Tiago and Kwid is that the former models also get CNG variants. The mileage on CNG is literally up by 30-40% than their petrol counterparts.

The Santro starts from Rs 3.90 Lakhs up to Rs 5.65 Lakhs. The WagonR is priced from Rs 4.19 Lakhs to Rs 5.69 Lakhs and the Tiago goes for Rs 4.39 to Rs 6.61 Lakhs (ex-showroom prices).