We compare the Hyundai Venue against all its rivals in terms of technical specifications and prices to see how they fare against each other on paper.

The Hyundai Venue was finally launched yesterday after much anticipation at a starting price of Rs. 6.5 lakhs (ex-showroom) and tops out at Rs. 11.15 lakhs. The Venue sits in the highly competitive and now, rather crowded segment of sub-compact SUVs. This includes the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the Tata Nexon, the Mahindra XUV300 and the Ford Ecosport. Here we take a detailed look on how the Venue compares with each of its rivals with its technical specifications and prices.

Hyundai Venue vs Rivals


Model VenueXUV300EcosportBrezzaNexon
Length3995 mm3995 mm3998 mm3995 mm3994 mm
Width1770 mm1821 mm1765 mm1790 mm1811 mm
Rim Size 16 inch17 inch17 inch 16 inch16 inch
Boot Space350L257L350L328L405L

In terms on length, all these cars are just shy of 4 meters and the Venue, XUV300 and the Brezza are at the same length of 3995 mm. However, the Ford Ecosport is sligtly longer than the Venue. In terms of wheelbase, the Venue has is longer than the Nexon by just a margin and equals the Brezza but shorter than the other two. The XUV300 has the longest wheelbase.

In terms of width, the Venue is actually narrower than most other cars, wider only than the Ecosport. The Venue is also the shortest of all the cars. The Venue gets 16-inch rims along with the Nexon and the Brezza while the other two have larger 17-inch rims. In the end, the Venue has a good boot capacity at 350L, lesser only than the Nexon. So in terms of overall dimensions, the Venue is not the largest SUV here.

Engine and Gearbox

The Venue gets three engine options – a naturally aspirated petrol, a turbo petrol and a turbo diesel power unit. Similarly, the Ford Ecosport also gets three engines with similar configurations. The XUV300 and the Nexon gets two engines each – a turbo petrol engine and a turbo diesel engine. The Vitara Brezza only gets one diesel engine. Maruti Suzuzki will however introduce a petrol engine in the Brezza soon.

Hyundai Venue Petrol Engine Specifications vs Rivals

ModelVenueXUV300 Ecosport BrezzaNexon
Type4-cyl/3-cyl turbo3-cyl turbo4-cyl/3-cyl turbo 3-cyl turbo
Power83hp/120hp110 hp123hp/125hp110hp
Torque115Nm/172Nm200 Nm150Nm/170Nm170Nm
Manual Gearbox5-speed/6-speed6-speed5-speed/6-speed 6-speed
Automatic Gearbox7-speed DCT6-speed torque convertor6-spped AMT
Fuel Economy (MT)17.52kpl/18.27kpl17kpl17kpl/18.1kpl17kpl
Fuel Economy (AT)18.15kpl14.8kpl17kpl

The 1.2L, naturally aspirated, petrol engine is the most fuel efficient naturally aspirated engine of the lot but it is quite low on power compared to the others. On the other hand, the 1.0L, turbo petrol has 120 bhp, just 5 bhp less than the Ford Ecosport’s engine with similar configuration. The XUV300 has the torqueist engine of the lot with 200 Nm of peak torque.

In terms of transmission, the Venue along with the Ecosport and Nexon have automatic gearboxes besides the regular manual boxes. The Venue gets a sophisticated 7-speed dual clutch transmission while the Ecosport gets a 6-speed torque convertor. The Nexon uses a cost effective 6-speed automated manual transmission.

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Hyundai Venue Diesel Engine Specifications vs Rivals

ModelVenueXUV300 Ecosport BrezzaNexon
Type4-cyl turbo4-cyl turbo4-cyl turbo 4-cyl turbo4-cyl turbo
Manual Gearbox6-spee6-speed5-speed5-speed6-speed
Automatic Gearbox5-speed AMT6-spped AMT
Fuel Economy (MT)23.7kpl20kpl23kpl24.3kpl21.5kpl
Fuel Economy (AT)24.3kpl21.5kpl

With their diesel engines, the Venue actually has the least powerful engine of the lot. It has similar power to the Brezza’s petrol engine and saves itself from the last position by producing 20Nm more torque than the Brezza’s engine. The XUV300 has the highest power and torque figures while the Nexon comes second followed by the Ford Ecosport in third position by quite a margin. However, Maruti will introduce the new 1.5L DDiS 225 diesel engine in the Brezza very soon. That engine produces 95 hp and 225 Nm of torque which will then relegate the Hyundai’s diesel engine to the last spot.

All the SUVs come with either a 5-speed or 6-speed gearbox mated to the diesel engines. The Tata Nexona and the Vitara Brezza have the advantage of being offered with AMT gearboxes along with their manual gearboxes.

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VenueXUV300Ecosport BrezzaNexon
Petrol-MTRs. 6.50-10.60 lakhsRs. 7.90-11.64 lakhsRs. 7.83-11.38 lakhsRs 6.49-9.35 lakhs
Petrol-ATRs. 9.35-11.11 lakhsRs. 9.77-11.37 lakhsRs 7.84-9.95 lakhs
Diesel-MTRs. 7.85-10.84 lakhsRs. 8.49-12.14 lakhsRs.8.43-11.90 lakhsRs. 7.68-10.64 lakhs Rs 7.49-10.20 lakhs
Diesel-ATRs 8.70-10.43 lakh Rs 8.84-10.90 lakhs

The Hyundai Venue has been priced right in the middle of the competition. It starts of at Rs. 6.5 lakhs, just a tad higher than the Tata Nexon which has the cheapest starting price here but significantly lower than the Brezza. At the top end, it is quite cheaper than the Ford Ecosport and Mahindra XUV300 top trims and will certainly be able to attract those buyers as well.

In the end, the Hyundai Venue is an extremely value for money offering and Hyundai has absolutely nailed it with the features and looks. How it drives is another question and that would really determine the Venue’s place in the market but as of now, it sure seems to do well. Watch out for our comprehensive review of the Hyundai Venue which is coming very soon.