Ford India “I Pledge To Drive Safe Campaign” To Promote Safe and Eco-Friendly Driving


Ford India has been associated with social campaigns like Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) program on global level including India where Ford India conducts free short term training programs for Indian drivers wherein they spend time on training drivers about safe and economical driving tips to prevent accidents and save fuel and environment. India has one of the most unsafe roads in the world in terms of the accidents and deaths reported in road accidents. The reasons for these mishaps includes poor conditions as well as lack of driver’s education to safer and effective ways of safe and economical driving.

To promote road safety and better driving habits, Ford India has further intensified its efforts by starting a new campaign called the “I Pledge To Drive Safe Campaign” which is being run through the help of conventional as well as social media platforms like Facebook which is quite popular in India.

Ford Drive Safe Pledge Campaign

image – I Pledge To Drive Safe Campaign By Ford India

Michael Boneham, president and managing director of Ford India on the launch of this campaign on 19th April 2012 in India quoted:

We have always considered it our responsibility not just to produce safer cars, but also to ensure more responsible driving on the roads. India has one of the highest motor vehicle injury and fatality rate in the world and we believe driver education and refreshment through programs such as DSFL can help improve the situation.

Ford Drive Safe Pledge Campaign-detailed

image – I Pledge To Drive Safe Campaign By Ford India

Anyone can connect with the program and take a Pledge to drive safe with Ford’s I Pledge To Drive Safe Campaign Facebook App here and learn about small but very useful tips for safe driving. It talks of very important factors like using seatbelts for safety of driver and passengers, use or rear view mirrors for safe maneuvering, avoiding aggression on roads, staying focused on roads while driving, etc. The program not only encourages safe, but also economical driving tips which will safe fuel, money and environment and will help make roads safer for drivers as well as pedestrians. We appreciate Ford India’s effort on spreading these safety and economy tips with Indian drivers and we hope more and more Indians connect with this social initiative and help themselves and others. You can check out some Fuel saving tips here – 12 Easy Tips To Increase Your Car Mileage. Check out some more Ford India news here.