Want To Buy Segway In India? See VeeWay


Segway is a very popular personal mobility device in the USA. Its being used by many official authorities like security authorities at the Airport, Police agencies, Productions units and factories, and individuals for nearby commuting.

segwat VeeWay-side-view

The price of a Segway device starts around $5000 USD, which is a bit high as per Indian standards. This is so because Segway is a sophisticated intelligent device works using high precision balancing mechanism which lets it balance itself on the two wheels only. The material and batteries used in it also add to the cost.

Considering the needs of India, which is a very price sensitive market and you can buy a brand new small car with $5000, it makes sense to have a cheaper alternative, that is where VeeWay tries to fill the gap.


VeeWay Technical Specifications

VeeWay is a small personal mobility device with a 4 wheeled platform, rear-steer small wheel and front large wheels, a range of about 35 KM on a full charge and costs about Rs. 20000 (approx $450 USD). It can go up to a speed of 16 KM/hour.

  • Motor – 350 W Brushless DC Motor
  • Battery – Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 36 V, 12Ah
  • Max Speed – 16 KMPH
  • Max Load – 120 KG
  • Disk Brakes
  • Kerb Weight – 45 kg
  • Charging time – 6 Hours
  • Max Travel per charge – 40 KM

I saw this device at the Auto Expo 2010 at Pragati Maidan in January 2010. The handling of the device is super simple with accelerator, brakes and steering all through the handle bar. There are no sophisticated balancing mechanism involved as its a 4 wheeled platform which is inherently balanced.

It does not match the standards of the Segway, but considering the utility of this device, its not that bad either for just 10% of the cost of a Segway. You may call it a cheap Segway alternative.

VeeWay In Action

Below is a video from ODMAG youtube channel

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