TVS Motors To Launch India’s Cheapest Motorcycle Below Rs. 30000 Price Tag


TVS Motors is extremely busy working on India’s next ultra low cost motorcycle. Yes you heard it right. After a long gap of 8 years since Bajaj BYK(India’s cheapest bike then) was launched, TVS is giving final touches to its soon to be added motorcycle going head on with its counterparts belonging to the 100cc segment. The new Bike from TVS will fill the gap between the Moped and a Motorcycle from price segment point of view.

This new bike could also be called as the Tata Nano of two wheelers since it would be priced around Rs. 25,000 which is very much affordable. Soon to be called as the Common Man’s motorcycle, the new model is expected to drive maximum sales achieved by any TVS product till date and if it is proves to be successful enough in satisfying new buyers then the company’s hope will take no time turning into reality.

H S Goindi, president (marketing) in a talk with Business Standard stated, “There is room for introducing one more product at the lower end of the motorcycle segment. Our cheapest motorcycle [TVS Star 110 cc motorcycle] comes for Rs 36,000 while the most expensive moped is tagged Rs 25,000. There might be a new product positioned in this range.”

He added,”The Indian market is highly demanding and doesn’t any expect any let-up in quality, fit and finish, fuel efficiency, styling and engine performance, which just increases the challenge”

As Goindi has stated, though achievable it is very difficult to satisfy the customers needs and still be able to extract sufficient profits. Our Indian market is quite demanding since apart from the essential features like fuel efficiency, performance etc. the overall appeal is also very important otherwise instead of gaining profits the new bike could incur undesirable losses.

So at the end of the day, the company has offer something extremely specific to Indian customers’ desires and that too at the lowest possible costs.