India’s Longest Ford Endeavour – This is IT!

Although the Ford Endeavour has been discontinued in India, there are enough of these SUVs in various modified versions to keep us occupied for quite a while.

In case you were wondering, this is India’s longest Ford Endeavour. Ford has made people nostalgic in India by stopping manufacturing cars here. The loyal fans are quite disappointed in the American carmaker but the reality is that it was losing a lot of money in this market. With the joint venture with Mahindra falling through and no new vehicles lined up for launch, it made little sense to continue. Now, the Endeavour is one iconic SUV in India that has some serious fans and was selling in high numbers consistently. This is one such example where you could see that people were buying it years ago and have also made quite a few modifications to it. Here is the limousine version of the Ford Endeavour.

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India's Longest Ford Endeavour

India’s Longest Ford Endeavour

The ginormous SUV is seen parked outside a house somewhere in India. The details of the location are not available. However, the images clearly show the extended length of the SUV. This is one of the very first generations of the SUV in India. It features rectangular headlamps and a chrome front grille. The bumper is quite boxy and holds the fog lamps on either corner. There are the classic rearview mirrors on the bonnet as well. The roof is blacked out and the rear roof spoiler is also visible. But the elephant in the room is the side profile that has been stretched to limousine level. The side step has also been extended accordingly. Although the rear end is not visible in the images, it looks like it has remained unchanged.

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India's Longest Ford Endeavour


Prior to discontinuation, the Endeavour came with a 2.0-litre diesel engine making 175 PS of peak power and 420 Nm of peak torque. The transmission duties are carried by a 10-speed automatic gearbox. Various drive systems (4×4) and terrain modes help in propelling the Endeavour through any kind of environment. The direct and worthy rival to the Endeavour has always been the Toyota Fortuner. Apart from that, it also had competition from Isuzu MU-X and MG Gloster. Do let us know what you think about India’s longest Ford Endeavour.

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