Nissan’s Infiniti Brand Luxury Cars In India Soon


Nissan has already been working hard on establishing a good position but inspite of being so dedicated towards its work, the Japanese major is not able to strike the right cords. Nissan Micra was the latest addition which failed to attract the customers because of its high pricing and after the price hike on Micra by up to 2% with effect from 11th April 2011, we are worried how will it manage to stay in the game.

Considering the identity problem seriously now, the brand plans to bring its premium car brand Infiniti to India. According to Autocar India the plan is due since 2007 but owing to the 110% import duty, Nissan was quite reluctant until now.


According to Nissan with the recent pacing up of premium car market, it is the perfect time to introduce Infiniti to the Indian buyers. Alike BMW and Mercedes-Benz , a good thing about Infiniti is that it also has a division specialized in performance machines named as IPL or Infiniti Performance Line. In context with the Indian condition, some of its technologies such as Anti Scratch Advanced Paint (ASAP) and Around View which is system allowing the driver to see a complete image of the car’s surroundings, could be extremely useful.

Competition wise Acura owned by Honda, Lexus owned by Toyota , BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are on the list of the toughest competitors with BMW on the top and in order to make a mark in the market Infinity will have to produce performance along with luxury and that too at the best possible price.

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