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Japan’s Disruptions To Spread Into Global Automobile Industry

Japan is one of the largest Automobile maker and has presence all over the world with various popular brands like Toyota and Nissan. With the recent earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear radiation incidents, Japan’s life has been badly struck and has got off the track. People of Japan and the other countries are doing their efforts to restore normalcy in Japan, but it seems like it may take some time for the things to get back on track. With the current situation, the industries in Japan have almost come to a halt, which is not only affecting Japan, but also global automobile markets. Japan is a major supplier of Technology and automobile parts for many of Japanese and other Automobile companies across various countries. With production almost stopped at Japan, it will impact the global economy. Some of the Japanese automobile companies outside of Japan have been facing shortages of parts to assemble cars. The situation is expected to go even worse in next couple of months.


We hope that Japan comes out of this situation soon and normalcy is restores to the lives of the people of Japan who have faced a very critical calamity in the recent past. We have our prayers with the people of Japan.