You Will No Longer Be Seeing Lamborghini Supercars at Motor Shows. Here’s Why!

Lamborghini has announced that going ahead, they will not be participating in international motor shows anymore but will have more customer-centric events and activities for better interaction with potential customers.

Supercar manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari have been huge crowd pullers at international motor shows and enthusiasts gather in huge numbers at these auto shows to their favorite cars in flesh. However, over the years, many supercar manufacturers have pulled out off high profile motor shows and the latest manufacturer to join this trend will be Lamborghini. The Italian supercar manufacturer has announced that they will not be participating in future international motor shows anymore with a shift in their marketing strategy moving towards the brand focusing their energies on more customer-centric activities instead.

Lamborghini has announced that they will not be participating in motor shows in anymore.
Lamborghini has announced that they will not be participating in motor shows in anymore.

Lamborghini has decided to abandon motor shows because they increasingly believe that having an intimate relationship with their customer is key and that motor shows do not align with their philosophy anymore. While these supercars attract a lot of crowd, these are mostly enthusiasts wanting a glimpse of their favorite supercar instead of prospective customers. The huge amounts of money that takes to put of up these pavilions at motor shows thus becomes an expenditure rather than an investment.

Lamborghini has also announced that the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show which saw the unveiling of the Sian was the automaker’s last large-format event. Going ahead, Lamborghini will be increasingly focusing on customer interaction through exclusive customer-centric events. This will see them participating more in events such as Pebble Beach and Goodwood. The company will also be ramping up efforts at organizing specially curated events for their customers. They believe that physically reconnecting with their customers through special evenings and experiences will be practice going ahead for them.

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The Italian carmaker also address the fact that as customers are also evolving, there is a greater need for awareness about the brand among the customers. This requirement, they believe, can be seemingly fulfilled by organising dedicated activities for owners. And while physical events will remain the brand’s key focus, the company is also working towards increasingly leveraging digital tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). These tools, they believe, will allow customers to better understand their cars and also help fans and enthusiasts interact more with the brand.

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The marketing boss at Lamborghini has also revealed that the young demographic has grown to be a significant customer base for the brand. Around 20% of Lamborghini owners these days are below the age of 30 years. The brand sees their input as an important tool in making a predictive marketing strategy. That is the reason why Lamborghini has also struck partnership with several players across a diverse field. Take Lamorghini’s line of merchandise for example or their association with Sony and Microsoft for games like the Gran Turismo on PlayStation and Forza Motorsport on Xbox. Going ahead, seeing your favorite supercar in flesh at auto shows too will then become a thing of the past.


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