Land Rover Compact SUV Below Evoque Under Development


The Tata owned British luxury SUV brand, Land Rover is planning to build a smaller SUV, a territory the company has never explored before. Some officials from the Land Rover company have confirmed this news stating that the company is considering a new “white space” concept model. this model is apparently going to be a crossover below the current Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover’s design director Gerry McGovern is very keen to pursue this concept, which gives some hint that the concept might indeed see the light of the day. However, production plans are not yet clear for this compact crossover SUV. Should this in case make it to production, it will be a new daunting challenge for the Land Rover sales guys.

Land Rover Compact SUV Below Evoque

Besides being just a smaller SUV, the car is expected to pursue a new design language too. Land Rover had showcased the DC100 concept at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. Evidently, the DC100 styling will make it to the future Defender models, but maybe the new “white space” concept model will be taking some inspiration from the DC100 too. According to Land Rover officials, the DC100 concept styling has been very well received by the customers and critics alike and the company will definitely go ahead with it. The DC100 has got a cleaner, bolder and differently aggressive look which is offered by none of its rivals.

Land Rover Compact SUV Below Evoque

The biggest challenge, however in front of Land Rover is to get a platform. Since, the company was not in a very good shape in earlier times and has just got back to shape with a bang, it may not be very clever on the side of Tata Motors to allow Land Rover to develop a brand new platform altogether. Developing a new platform takes time and money. Land Rover says that the new compact crossover model’s concept has been arrived at using the same techniques and market research that made the LRX concept, which then went on to become the Land Rover Evoque.

via- Autocar India