Stronger And Light Weight Cars From Maruti Coming By 2012


Maruti Suzuki works on the principles of continuous improvement by keeping its R&D team busy searching for ways of making the cars better in terms of performance, safely and economy. To take a step closer to this goal, Maruti is planning to use high strength steel in place of the normal strength steel sheets used to make cars.


Use of high strength steel will allow less thickness of the metal which means lesser body weight of the car. This will improve the car’s fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by as high as 27%, which is a considerable figure. It is estimated that a normal passenger car from Maruti will loose around 120 Kg weight by the use of high strength steel in its body. This change will come in effect by 2012, we hope to see really good mileage and low emissions which means cars which are more environment friendly as well as pocket friendly.