LML Freedom Motorcycle & 125CC Gearless Scooter Launch in India By December 2011


LML, once known for its so contemporary scooters and motorcycles is ready to make its mark in the Indian automobile sector with a new and improved line-up targeted at some of the most important segments of the industry. In its early years the Kanpur based company came into the limelight with one of the most popular products of all time, the LML Vespa. Later it did bring a couple of motorcycles to its dealerships that helped the brand gain more popularity but with the advancements made by other manufacturers in the next few years then, the bikes gradually had to be phased out.


Talking about the motorcycles in specific, products like the LML Adreno, LML Energy, LML Freedom and a few others immensely fascinated new buyers from across the India and now after a long while the company is ready to jump into the battleground. As of now we are sure of the company re-launching LML Freedom by the end of 2011, with engine capacity in the range of 100CC to 125CC.

Besides the motorcycle, the launch of a 125 CC scooter is also in the pipeline and in all probability it is expected to be scheduled for the year 2012. Since the market is not going to accept geared scooters anymore, the new gearless 125 CC scooter will go head on with other gearless scooters from the segment like Suzuki Access 125 CC, TVS Wego etc.

The company has already launched the LML Select four stroke scooter in the market which is much better than the previous Select in all aspects and with these new launches slated for the year end and next year, the bike segment will see a bit more competition coming its way.

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