Longest Range Record Broken For Electric Vehicle Mira With Sanyo Batteries


Electric Vehicles are the least polluting production vehicles at present with zero emissions and almost no noise operation. Two biggest hurdles in the path of success of Electric Vehicles are – Range and Charging Time.

What is Range Of an EV ?

Range is the maximum distance an electric vehicle can travel on one full charge. Here are some tips to increase the range of your electric vehicle. These tips can marginally improve the range, but still its not sufficient to make it manifolds.

What is charging time of an EV ?

Charging time is the time taken to fully charge the Electric Vehicle from almost completely discharged state. This charge time is up to few hours for most conventional electric vehicles available commercially these days.

japan ev club makes world record

image credit : Sanyo

Japan Electric Vehicle Club has converted a petrol engine Mira car into an Electric car and powered it with whooping 8320 Lithium Ion batteries in the battery assembly for the modified Mira. The car then broke the Guinness World Record of longest range on a single charge by travelling 1003.18 KM on a single charge !

The car was driven from on a track for 22 hours and a total distance of 623.76 miles or 1003.18 KM. The previous record was of 345 miles which was set in November 2009. The cost of batteries used in making the battery pack for electric Mira costs over $56,000 USD. This experiment proves that a set of efficient batteries and dynamics of the electric car can make it go places without a recharge.

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