Mahindra To Make Its MotoGP Debut This Year


It was Vijay Mallya’s Force India in 2007 in Formula One racing and its going to be Mahindra in 2011 to make its debut in MotoGP. MotoGP has been one of the most prestigious competitions to be held every year. The best of the industry such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Ducati participate in this race for two-wheelers. MotoGP holds an 18-series annual championship and each Grand Prix has separate races in 125cc, Moto2 and the premier MotoGP categories. It surely is a great honor for Mahindra and Mahindra to be associated with the race and make its debut this year.

Mahindra will participate in the 125cc category to be held in March this year. The irony is that the Indian auto-giant is the youngest and stepped in the two-wheeler segment only last year. The racing team has been christened as Mahindra Racing and will have two young lads as riders. One, Danny Webb, a 19 year old lad from UK and the other Marcel Schrotter from Germany.


Italian engineers from Engines Engineering are the force and brains behind the development of the 125cc motorcycles. The same bikes were also showcased in the Auto Expo 2010, New Delhi. It will be interesting to see how the bikes perform at the MotoGP, keeping in mind the lukewarm response Mahindra Stallio got here in India. It surely is a great opportunity for M&M as it is a chance  for them to come under the nose of the world by competing with greats of the segment like Ducati, Yamaha, Honda etc.

Anand Mahindra, vice-chairman and managing director of Mahindra & Mahindra Group said, “The 125cc MotoGP is relevant to people in India as bulk of the bikes are in the 110cc and 125cc. Since we are new in the motorcycle business, participating in such an event will help build the brand equity, showcase technology and will be a testing ground for technology that we will offer to Indian and global consumers. It will enhance our entire automotive range, auto components and IT domains.”

The World MotoGP Championship 2011 will be last for the 125cc two-strokes bikes. From next year 125cc four-strokes bikes will be tested on the roads of the track and a new segment will be started for them by the name of Moto 3. Thus, it will be a testing ground for M&M.

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