Mahindra Reva Gio Electric Compact Cab Spied


Mahindra & Mahindra, in collaboration with Reva was busy working on an electric version of the Mahindra Gio for quite some time now. Mahindra already have the Gio cab get going on the city roads and Reva’s part in this new plan is to deliver powertrains for the same and the outcome will be an all new electric Gio cab.

Expectedly a few more weeks were there before the Mahindras were to present the cab in front of the masses but one of our fellow blogs have been able to spy the latest electric Mahindra well ahead of its launch.

Mahindra-REVA-Gio-Compact-Cab-EV-1 (1)

Reva is to supply powertrains for a number of existing vehicles which will go electric soon and with these spy shots it has been confirmed that Gio cab is among the first. The car seen above is a production ready prototype and has a top speed of 50 KMPH. Most of the components of Gio EV are derived from the Gio Diesel version and distinguishable features of this car are the Mahindra Reva and Electric Vehicle badges present on the exteriors and interiors as well.

Mahindra’s attempt of adopting Reva’s technology to its product portfolio is appreciable and we would love to see such emission less electric products on the roads and other public places where air pollution is a major concern.

Source and Image Credits-IAB

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