Mahindra Reva NXR aka E 2.0 Launches In Early 2013– Details


The National Electric Mobility Mission 2020 was quite an announcement but the Indian government has been going quite slow with its development. It will be an year in January 2013 when the Indian government announced it and Mahindra Reva will announce its next generation electric car Reva E 2.0 electric car. The announcement of the final draft would give the electric vehicles mammoth subsidies which Mahindra looks to capitalize on and will launch the car after the Government launches the plan.

The launch is getting delayed because the price without subsidies would shoot up considerably making it a dud seller.This delay in launch comes directly from Mahindra’s twitter account in reply to a query regarding the car’s launch. The company has tweeted that the car will launch early next year but has not given a definite time. Since it is going to be quite a niche product , we don’t really think that the delays in launch would affect the prospective customers.


Mr. Praful Patel, Union Minister for Heavy Industries has announced that the policy will be launched by Mr. Manmohan Singh this December, following which the Reva E2.0 will be launched. If the Government manages to put this draft to a policy and implements it, the Reva launch will inch closer to being a real deal rather than just a twitter query.

Coming to the Reva, it will be priced just under Rs.6 lakhs after subsidies and we would not really say that it will be competing with the B Plus hatchbacks. Powering it will be an electric motor getting charge from Lithium-ion batteries, which Mahindra is considering to lease out to bring the initial costs down. It will seat 4 adults and go 160 kilometers in a single charge with a top speed of 105 KMPH.

It is quite the product and is really an environment friendly car. If you’ve got an Accord or a Superb in your garage and were looking for a hatchback for those daily market trips, you could always do you bit for the environment and get some heads to turn too.

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Source- twitter