Mahindra Scorpio Tests Build Quality of Tata Safari

Mahindra and Tata Motors are known for manufacturing solid products with high safety ratings. But what happens when the SUVs from these two carmakers ‘meet’.

This video highlights the impact of a collision between a Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari showcasing their build quality. The Scorpio involved in this incident is the current-gen model that will be replaced by the 2022 version soon. This being a decade-old car has a Global NCAP safety rating of 0 stars. The Safari has not been tested as yet by the GNCAP, but its performance in unfortunate road incidents has been promising. Let us see what happens when these two popular SUVs collide. 

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Scorpio Tests Build Quality of Safari

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on YouTube. He posts such content to showcase the real-world performance of the popular cars involved in unfortunate scenarios. This case has been reported from the Darbhanga district in Bihar. Reportedly, the two SUVs were coming from the opposite directions when the driver of Scorpio decided to perform a reckless overtaking attempt. The Safari arrived in the front and the two SUVs collided. The impact caused the vehicles to skid off the highway. The damage on both the cars is visible in the visuals. 

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The occupants of the Tata Safari are reported to be fine not sustaining any serious injuries. However, the driver and co-passenger of the Scorpio have experienced some injuries. This result seems to be in line with the build quality of these two products. The Safari is the newer of the two and boasts of plenty of safety features and equipment. The last-gen Scorpio lacks all of the modern safety kits which is the reason for such poor display. 

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mahindra scorpio vs tata safari accident
Mahindra Scorpio vs Tata Safari accident

This incident, again, highlights the importance of driving safely on the roads. Most of such incidents occur on the roads due to overspending and rash overtaking. It must be understood, that impact caused by overspeeding will hardly be reduced by the safety rating of any car. Hence, one must always drive within the speed limit to take advantage of the safety rating of a car.

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